Binary Options. Beware!

I have had the same experience as you with withdrawals. What you need to remember is the chances are you have been dealing with unregulated platforms which means they do not have to follow any rules on withdrawals. They hope you will get bored and forget about it… which some people do!!

I trade PYXmarkets as they are a fsa regulated binaries platform that offer me much higher returns than 85%, upto 5000% actually. They only run one day trades so the time frame is longer than usual but the best bit about them is that they let you sell your position at any time to take a profit or limit a loss.

Their withdrawal process is three days but I put money in my account and then issued a withdrawal request straight away, the money was back in my account that same day.

hey could you post information on the trading strategy you use or which website you use to get the information to make your binary options trade.

Is that a question for me???

no the question is for “cupenk”

hi just comment on warriorforum about binary recoded

look guys, 1)if you do not have the money or you started with $250 and lost money following the binary coded or recoded don,t blame the broker.
2)if don,t expect to lose in binary option it aren,t going to happen,lose small win big trade consistently,
3)if you are doing
well with broker please continue to do so but don,t mind to show your account how much you are making I done it on skype showing my account.
4)I just trying to help
, I don,t care whether you sign up or not, I still make money as and when I like my dream is to trade five figure than I truthly make it that my standard
5)try to make money and take back what you invest in first than whatever money you make is free do not worry people scam you I can,t speak for broker who care if they make money or not right
6)people are asking what I sell, I don,t but I subscribe to guy on top of the topic steve have you guys did, you should try and see if work but in video he can lost 5 days in august can you?anyway I thinking to provide my service in future if you guys want.just my thought .

I make make $30000 from binary option. wihdraw $8000 already.

People need to learn to do research before playing with Binary Options. It’s easier to trade but not as regulated as forex, therefore there’s quite a number of company doing bad business practices, however there’s still others who standout to the rest. Read the binary options broker reviews carefully and choose the best, regulated one to trade with, guys, don’t go with the bucket-shop.

I really don’t get why people are attracted to this.

I mean, I get the whole idea that the message of “Earn up to 81% on your money in an hour!” has some serious jingle, but it’s really not all that exciting.

Think about it. I can open up a 5 minute EUR/USD chart and put on a trade (of any position size) with a Stop Loss of 10 pips and a Take Profit of 20 pips. Price moves 20 pips all the time, often within 15 minutes, so if I hit 20 pips I’d win. (I guess it’s like one of those “touch” types of binary options or whatever). But I wouldn’t have just won 81%…I would have won 200%

I guess I could just write an ebook with a bunch of fluff based around that same concept and put a big “Earn 200% On Your Money in 15 Minutes” on the front page. Obviously there would be losers, but you don’t even have to win 50% of the time with such a method to turn a profit.

Furthermore, if instead of using a hard T/P at 20 pips I just used some type of trailing stop, I could possibly see that baby run up to 30 pips…maybe even 35 before being checked out. According to the logic of the people hawking these “earn 81% in an hour” claims… I would then have generated a return of over 300% in less than an hour!!! :o

The whole idea is just ridiculous to me. I really don’t get it. The ONLY benefit I see is that Binary Options forces one to define their risk before taking a positions. You can’t trade without a stop loss or move your stop loss once a trade is in play thus you can’t do things like let a trade move against you and keep going until it blows your account because you’re “just sure” that the price will come back. In this regard, it’s similar to a casino. They force you to commit to a certain risk before placing a bet.

So it would seem that the only advantage that Binary Options could ever possibly have is that they allow those who don’t have the proper self-discipline of a successful trader to have some type of “coping mechanism” that prevents them from engaging in some of their own bad habits. My thought is that if this is the case, their internal environment will eventually see to it that they make other mistakes that the Binary Options environment does not protect them against which will bring about their downfall. I mean, an emotional trader who doesn’t define risk on his own and either trades without a stop loss or moves it may be prevented from doing so because one has to commit a set amount in a win-or-lose scenario with binary options, but the same individual is highly at risk for going on a revenge trading spree because his emotional approach to the market leans that way and it’s a rare broker (binary options, forex, commodities, stocks) that has lock-out systems in place to prevent a trader from going on a revenge trading spree.

i agree but how many can be like you making money with enter and exit that actually make. money binary option has the option of just 1 pip right or wrong. I trade in both but obviously binary option has simple platform. question is whether do you make money or not these for regulation.,big boys of binary are getting regulated soon.from may 4 cysec are regulating binary option,like forex lots of smaller player out of business soon.

How are you all?

Well, writing to say all you guys need to look out for accounts at IG INDEX. Well regulated in UK. Thanks and good trading.

I wanted to put out a warning about these binary options as well. I wanted to give it a try, and I opened an account at AnyOption. These guys warn you that the price is their own price, not the market price. I saw the warning, but still, you expect it to stay pretty close to the market prices. Well, they blatantly manipulate the market prices before you can place an option order. Once the period for buying/selling is over, their price quickly realigns with the market price. Here is what AnyOption did to me when I had place three orders in total. Keep in mind that I was experimenting, seeing how this all worked…

The red bar shows when the ordering period is over and the option is waiting to expire. Right when this 5 minutes began, prices fell in line with the market price. I noticed prior to this period that the option price differed from the market price by a few cents.The fact that AnyOption and others use “their own prices” and can manipulate them at will, to me, seems like fraud.

Does anyone know if Nadex engages in this sort of behavior?

Let me give you a different perspective on this:
I was an IT expert, working in a hi-tech company until 3 years ago, when I got fired because of the global recession. Since then I have been officially un-employed ( I manage to keep my head above the water with off-the-record work I do) and I am becoming more and more un-appealing to the Hi-Tech market, because I’m out of “shape” (professionally), I am out-dated in the new technologies that came by in the last three years, but mainly because I’m almost 50 years old…
I started trading stocks (day and swing) with a surprising success and I thought I had it going.
About a year and half ago, my wife got sick, I had to use all our life savings and I had to withdraw and close my stock account, in order to finance her treatments. Eventually she died so I lost both my wife and my life savings…
Now I have a minimum wage job, that keeps me barely alive, and when I saw that “Options Recoded” ad, I thought that I can spare 100-200$ max and [B]try[/B] this financial tool, to start re-building some capital. I didn’t see this as a “get rich quickly” plan but more as a way to build up some extra cash for the day to day needs.
I can’t afford to deposit thousands of dollars in a brokering account, that is needed for a “normal” Forex or stocks trading, and the idea that I can start with 100$ did play its role here.
So, what I’m saying is that one of the “attractions” of this Binary Options is the fact that I [B]dont[/B] need a big capital to start to make money.

Dale, I’m just wondering ([B]NOT[/B] opposing you in any way), when I started trading stocks I had a DEMO account, and it was nothing as accurate as thr REAL trading platform. Quotes were inaccurate, orders were delayed etc.
Could your experience with all those DEMO accounts be affected by them being DEMO? I mean could i be that with a “real” account your experience would be different?
Im asking this because I was just considering to set up a small account and start with Binary options, and doing my research I stumbled into this thread.

What do you mean “they have their own price”?? Aren’t they quoting the ongoing market price??? If so then its plain fraud, in my opinion…

Ok i have been trading binary options for a few months only and was wondering what is the possibility of the broker giving a loosing vip trade signal… and if he does this… who gains… the broker doesn’t get commission on our loosing trade???

Sorry about your wife. And i Hope you can catch up with the finances. I like the idea in your post that we don’t have to be pessimistic. Enjoy the trading.

Yes, this phenomenon happens everyday in binary Options. But some brokers don’t do it. If u have been following this thread, I once made a post and described how Binary Options Trading - OptionBit(hope they still exist) cheated me before I quit their platform. Please try to go back and look at my post. Still, let me show u an example: EURUSD is at 1.29349 on the normal market. You decide to make a PUT. Bythe end of the 30 min of your option, the market has moved down and is at a pretty 1.29345. According to, they have a right to “round off” the last figure. So your option expired at 1.2935, which is above your entry of 1.29349. You have lost the put.

Alternatively, looking at the same example, the market is at 1.29349 but “their price” is 1.29339. This is done by TRADERXP as well. So when you unwittingly click for a PUT while fixing your gaze on mt4, you have entered much lower. Now the market expires at 1.29345; there is no need to round off here since u have clearly lost.

Thank you.

Greetings to you all,

I have been trading for some time now. I know most of the tricks in binary options. Anyone here that can accurately predict the direction of the market to give us 2 pips each time? I said 2 pips each time; it does not matter how fast this happens.

If u are the one please put up your hands or stand up and congratulate yourself because u can use that to make 1.5% on each 2 pips. Sounds good? You know this thread is too much of public. Please contact me by email: tusasirwe at Then we will talk.

I agree completely!

Thanks, :slight_smile:
Two questions:

  • Does (and if so then how?) my knowledge in technical analysis and candle sticks charts give me any edge in trading binary options?
  • Most of those brokers talk about an 81% profit. Where does this number come from? is it a given fixed profit? is it some average? I mean, I trade, lets say, 100$ on some option, and I lose, then I’ve lost my 100$ (plus commissions?). But if I win, where is this 81% deriving from?

Hi Arimont,

I can see u are located in Israel. Please Open an Account at Spread Betting | Financial Spread Betting. That is a very important step. These guys invented Binary Options, are Ethical and Strictly Regulated in UK. After that, then we will talk. Now to answer your questions:

Yes, your knowledge of Technical analysis is very important. For instance, a moving average cross-over will tell you where the market is headed, at least in the short run.

Binary Options are tricky: the owner of the platform is always on the right side. You are always on the wrong side. However, you can prove that you are good at the markets by beating him even with his pre-configured advantages.Why do i say pre-configured advantages for the owner of the platform? Let me give you an example: supposing you have 200USD in your account. You decide to trade 100$ on an option which is labelled 81%. Now when you lose you will remain with 100$. In other words, you have lost 50% of your account. If you had won, you would have gained an extra 81 $(81% of 100$). That is (81/100)*200 which is 40.5% increase. So when u increase, it is only by 40.5% but when u lose it is always 50% of your account(assuming you always trade 50% of account). The 81% literally means that if u trade 100% of your account each time, you will always gain 81%(if u win) but lose 100%(when u lose). Simply put, never trade 100% of ua account. Recommended: 10% and below, so that u can always have a balance to continue the game.