Binary Options. Beware!

What are you taking (interpreting) as the normal market price to be?

Most people misunderstand how financial data works. Different brokers use different data feed sources.

Here is the list sourced from wikipedia.

  • Thomas Reuters (29.4% market share)
  • Bloomberg (29.2% market share)
  • MorningStar.
  • CanDeal
  • Capital_IQ
  • CarryQuote
  • Dealogic
  • FactSet
  • Fidessa
  • Interactive Data Corporation
  • Markit
  • MetaStock
  • Moody’s Analytics
  • Morningstar,_Inc.
  • SIX Financial Information
  • SNL Financial
  • SunGard
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Net Bridge
  • Xignite
  • Ziligence

So there is no such thing as a normal market price Busingy. Financial data vendors collect price information from all over the world. These sources include stock exchange feeds, brokers, dealer desk and numerous other regulatory agencies, for example the US Securities and Exchange commission.

The vendors then translate this incoming information into a single normalized number and sells this information back into the market place.

We have covered this issue in a complete case study of OptionBit prices, because so many traders just didn’t quite understand it.

Maybe check it out:


Your first 8 posts are today, all promoting binary options. Anybody would think you are here to drum up business.

Afternoon Kingkevbo,

Firstly thanks for the reply. My first! :slight_smile:

I quite new to forums and hope to contribute helpful and insightful content.

I have come across a lot of misunderstanding in binary options and my posts will attempt to inform traders (like myself) what I know.

My passion is binary options, so it would only make sense that I talk about what I know. Yeah?

or have I misunderstood the what forums are for.

Would genuinely appreciate your feed back?

Kind regards,


'To expect the unexpected shows a throughly modern intellect" Oscar Wilde

Ok then, my feedback

We have covered this issue in a complete case study of OptionBit prices, because so many traders just didn’t quite understand it.

Maybe check it out:

OptionBit Review

You use the word we, suggesting that you were part of the review of optionbit on optionbitbrokerreview. The review of optionbit looks a bit like an advert for optionbit rather than a review, including an advertising banner for optionbit.

A whois lookup for shows it was registered by someone with the same email address who registered, a domain name that redirects you to, another binary option broker based in nicosia, Cyprus.

I assume there is a logical explanation?

yes I am contributing with what I think is good content for new traders. Binary Options are incredibly powerful trading instruments.

However I have responded in a proactive manner and removed the link.

Thanks for your feedback Kingkevbo!

All the best.


'To expect the unexpected shows a throughly modern intellect" Oscar Wilde

I play with a live account and my own money … please see my trading … for futures I can not afford 100% in a month … Binary options but I can 1000% because the rules are different ways to play and my brother all

Ok, forgive my for my ignorance and/or my lack of understanding, but something doesn’t make sense to me.
I read here and on other places, that option brokers “play the numbers” against the traders and it make me wonder…
What is their interest in making us lose?
I mean, should I make a small deposit, trade binaries, make some profits, then my next logical move would be to increase my deposit, increase my trading volume, thus making the broker larger profits, its a win-win situation. On the other hand, should I lose, well, pretty soon the broker or my self would close the account, I would lose my small deposit, the broker loses a customer and we all lose.
So, What is the broker’s interest in making us lose?

Good answer. The binary option brokers make money when u lose. They use the money from losers to pay the winners and themselves. And even the winners will see their withdrawal after 10 days, which is effectively two weeks. They are trying to buy time.

Let me answer this guy. Hi ProTrader, let me give you a clear scenario of what OptionBit used to do. We will assume OptionBit was getting prices from “heaven” and then another broker B was getting theirs from Thomsonreuters. Broker B has their EUR/USD opening at 1.23441 and closing at 1.23401, just four pips lower. Let us assume that “heaven” has “their” prices 10 pips below those of Thomsonreuters. Then OptionBit should open at 1.23341 and close at 1.23301. Get it? What I want you to get clearly is that OptionBit would in this case show you that they are closing at same price as Thomsonreuters, casting off any proportional movement expected on the same instrument even if we used different sources for the data.

OptionBit, and I don’t hate them, saw I had raised my account from 100 USD to 7700 USD in one week. So they started hard-marking me. For example, the maximum to invest according to the terms was 999 USD. I was shocked when mine was capped at 600 USD. If they had not done this, I would have risen to something like 15,000 USD in same period. I photographed my trade history and will post it here one of these days.

The trick was simple: I had a strategy that runs for about one week in a month, giving you good returns. But this same strategy would be a disaster the rest of the weeks when markets were trending. My research showed that there was always a ranging week every month. So I deposited 100 and lost it, put in more but lost still. By the time my strategy picked up, I had lost about 500 USD. When I noticed I had picked up, I raised the stakes and kept risking bigger. I made big money, prompting OptionBit to cap my Max Invest at 600 rather than the 999 as agreed and known. They even srapped off the 15 min options and raised to 30 min. Poor guys.

[B]Thats [/B]why there’s no commissions…ok, now I get it…so mostly the game is set for us to lose…unless we use a “good” broker…?

hi maybe I should contribute,I can understand people who started with $100 of own and you lose money in any trading this will also happen this is trading there is no gurantee in winning that you know that there people who make $2000 to $5000 daily do they whine about that they have $50000 to $1 000000 account no of course not because why should they do you think they about should they even bother to talk about how thet are doing.binary option started on 2008 most company started only 2009 before that only bank do this type of investment, give it time the small player out soon because of regulation from may 14 this year just like forex lots of this player will be just stick to bigger for the time lap between chart and display price because broker from bank broker will not sustain loss or win in huge volume they are just broker .lastly do you think that binary option will be gone, it just the beginning.

Please tell me how you made money on option bit! I am looking to make money online and I need a strategy that works.


You obviously missed this post (and I’m 100% sure you have not read this thread from beginning to end):



When I first learned about binary options the guy presenting said you can start with as little as 50 bucks and you can risk a ceiling or floor of 50 bucks.

I was like wait what? Doesn’t that mean I have about 2 minimum chances to blow my account out?

To this day they have never sent me any new webinar notifications :frowning:

This’s your assumption. Like in Forex, majority of traders lose money, so, it’s better to blame someone else for the loss.

From the look of it, Binary Options sound like gambling, because one predict whether a certain asset is Up or Down, it’s like tossing a coin, but does it require you analysis to analyse whether a Forex pair is going up or down? Is it the same as tossing a coin?

Binary Options actually eliminate a lot of emotional effects on trading, and please don’t tell me that emotion has nothing to do with trading.

A good read on Why Traders Fail

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if you lose $50 and you think you lost the whole world please don,t trade seriously

Options are legit if you can time the expiries and predict whether to call or put right. I have made some money using Banc de Binary. Now looking at live sessions with a guy that supposedly has a near 85% win rate. Definitely not something to attempt if you can’t even use charting tools, and the good ones will set exipiries and predictions using fundamental analysis as well as technical.

Does anyone have input on predicting the “One-Touch” Options for the weekend? They are tempting… but you would need to be pretty confident of your analysis.

okay so after browsing this thread a bit I want to ask if there is any “good” binary option brokers out there? Nadex? 24Option? Banc De Binary? I am not in the camp that believes that binaries are scams. That is like saying any thing else one can trade is a “scam”. All one needs is knowledge to trade successfully. Not here to discuss that though. So really, are there any good brokers to trade binaries with? I know that I will have some losses. That is fine. But I do not want one that takes my money for no reason at all I just want a good broker (i.e. brokers that simply present a price and lets me trade to make a profit or loss and the broker gets paid via commission or some sort of payment like that.
Thanks in advance. And like I said, I am not interested in hearing about how much of a “scam” binaries are or that one broker is bad or whatever. Just like anything else out there, I believe one can make money trading binaries using a robust strategy, good money management, and correct emotional attitude and mindset.
Thanks everyone!

Hey i recently found out about binary options and have been doing lots of research. Can u please tell me ur strategy, how u got such a good winning ratio? I would appreciate it thanks

Hey can u please let me know what ur strategy is?