Binary Options. Beware!

Hey can u please tell me ur strategy that u use to do this?

Hey protrader im a newbie here can u please inform me on ur winning strategy?

Hello Abey55!
A couple of quick questions if you do not mind: (1) what broker have you decided on now and (2) which brokers did you use before that you were unhappy with. Just curious is all so I stay away from the bad ones. :slight_smile:

Anewr, I have never invested using binary options just yet i am still researching everything that i feel i need to know in order to minimize my risk. i am trying to learn the different strategies people are using to earn a profit (which is actually proving to be more difficult than i thought). However, i can say that the broker that seems to stand out as being the most honest and easy to use is If you have any knowledge about any strategy or system that will help me win more than i loose please let me know i would really appreciate it.

Abey55, okay my bad. I thought you were already trading binaries. :stuck_out_tongue:
And as far as brokers go, I I too have chosen 24option. I read through several reviews from several different sources and virtually all the reviews were positive. Though a word of warning, and this goes for any option broker from what I’ve read: do not take any deposit bonuses from any of these brokers. Too many strings attached. And as for strategies: I too have had trouble finding a good strategy. All the ones I can find base their strategy on what appears to be just pure gambling. But from what I’ve read the bed strategies are baed on chart formations of the underlying asset.
Anyway, I’ll keep updating this as I can on my experience. I too just discovers binaries like two or three weeks ago. Hope to begin trading real soon.
Happy trading!

I just posted about this subject in another thread.

Please see #17 on this page:

I’ve tried searching, but haven’t had a lot of luck, but is there a thread on binary option trading sites that offer demon accounts? If so can someone please point me to it. Thanks!

Sorry, I meant demo accounts.

Hello D. Paterson (I never remember your name :slight_smile: ), have you ever tried IgMarkets for binary options? I have tried a demo account because I found a great strategy for binary options and I got a lot of money without prices or time manipulations.

Have to agree with Shr1k Trading in the financial markets offers both potential rewards and the risk of loss. Prudence is advised. Never Trade digital options with funds you cannot afford to risk.
Generating profits with binary options trading is not an easy task. Finding the right binary options broker is always the hardest part of the challenging quest to high profits. I was so lucky. After a long time searching and investigating, I found the best platform for me, easy access,and good speed . Real time and up to date prices for commodities, stocks and currencies. Great returns. As they say keep it simple keep it profitable.

Care to share the strategy???

I’m running the test, if the winning percentage remain so high I will sell the strategy on web at a price that will allow those who will buy it to recover money in a few weeks.
I think I’ll sell it in Italian and then in English, so you will be able to read Italian reviews and then decide if I am a cheater or not :slight_smile:

Why not do it in English first? You’ll have a much bigger market to sell to??!

I’m Italian and I have to recruit people who know English and Italian. First Italian and Russian, then English :slight_smile:

What is your strategy? If it’s evolved in Martingale, I would refrain after reading this post: Binary Options Martingale Strategy | Binary Options Broker Reviews

If you have it in English, I could glad to do review about your strategy :smiley:

I am an Italian also, and I can translate it into English, Russian and Hebrew. contact me at arimont [at] gmail [.] com

Thank you for information. I suppose impatience killed the cat rather than curiosity alone :5:

Hope your strategy has a way around this - 'Understanding Binary Options: What Beginners Need to Know’

Who has any experience with those robots they offer everywhere around the internet?

Most don’t work … While most trading these days is program trading, these robots are not sophisticated enough to generate a profit. If you fully understand the trading algorithm then you could turn it off when conditions aren’t right and back on when they are once again right. But then if you understand that, then you can write your own…