Binary options risk management framework


I’m wondering, is there any widely accepted framework for managing risks when doing binary options?

ps: do not answer me if you are a newbie or unsuccessful.

Binary options are banned in EU. Its banned for a reason. Stay away from it.

A newbie or someone who is unsuccessful couldve told you that too. Dont be biased. They may know something someone else doesnt.

Wow, you’re so strict, you only listen to professionals. Oh, come on, we’re not proud. Binary options have the same market laws as forex - time management, money management, etc. And of course, there’s no need for a working adequate strategy.

I also think that binary options are not the best solution on the market because they are too risky and require high dynamics. Maybe you should try something else. There are so many different directions in the market…

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I think it’s possible to use the Martingale system here to protect your capital from serious subsidence or loss. The most important thing here is to determine the right coefficient to make it profitable for you, usually the coefficient varies from 2.3 to 3 - and you need to calculate everything correctly.

Do not use positions that are too short, because in this case your trading will not become a business, but a real game that will lead you to the loss of your capital. You have to get used to it first, and then you have to gain speed!