Binary Options Strategy w/ no name

Hello fellow Traders!

I have read in the forum that many of you are very skeptical with the BO, and you are right in many aspects! But I have been in FOREX and now in BO and know the differences between both, but I wouldn’t crucify this type of trading like some fellas do.

Before you carry on reading (and participating) in this thread, please read the corresponding section of the School for Binary Options 101 and pay special atention to the Binary Options Vs. Forex. I urge you to do this in order to have traders that are instructed on the matter.

That being said, I want to share with you a strategy I have been testing and having excellent results with. I am not charging anything, since the strategy is not mine and because I believe that if I am a trader I live from trading, not from selling cheap **** on the internet. Besides, I would like to start a group of colleagues that are serious about trading and help each others, I think this page is the right place to start!

Oookey! Please, find attached the .zip file with the strategy; indicators, template (only for MT4, sorry for TOS users) and a snapshot of how you should enter a trade. Of course there are different colors on how to trade it but that comes with the knowledge and experience of each one of us! I will gladly share mine with you but I would like to ask you to please, give me some feed back as well. Admins and pro traders I would like your POV too!

NOTE: If you feel like trading this strategy and BO, PLEASE try it on a DEMO account for a period of time before going live with real money!!

Remember, only serious traders and people giving ideas, trying to fight the problem rather being the problem!

Happy trading and best of success!!

PS: sorry for any typos or bad English. (424 KB)


Thank you very much for the strategy…I will definitely try it out stating from next week. Will give my feedback after few days of trading.

Thanks again,


Hello Myfx!

Thanks for your reply.

Have you tried the strategy? Do you like it so far?

Share your thoughts when ready!

Happy trading!

Hello krakenyo

Am very interested on your strategy am running on it on a demo account, but i still have some questions. What’s the recommended time expiration?, Does it only works on M5 time charts? or can it be used on M1? thank you for sharing.

Hello arri22!

I have had good experience with a 5 min TF, using 5 min expiration. However, I know from some people that they follow the 1 min TF charts to place 5 min trades. So, maybe you can start with one tf and test the other occasionally according to your trading style? Personally I have not tested it with 1 min charts.

Quick note, I would like to strongly advice you to be careful with waterfalls and strong uptrends, always check supports and resistances.

Hope this helps solve your doubts! Please, remember to share your thoughts when ready!

Happy trading!

Hi krakenyo,

I was away from trading. Only today i started trading again. Till this moment, i did 2 trades using your method and i won both of them. I would like to know your trading time frame?. FYI, i setup ur indicator on 5min time frame but traded for 15min expiry.

Thanks again for sharing.


Hi krakenyo,

Thanks for the indicator. I started testing live today…made 2 traders and i won both of them. I trade 15min expiry while looking at 5min chart.

Thanks again for sharing.


[QUOTE=“krakenyo;686265”]Hello Myfx! Thanks for your reply. Have you tried the strategy? Do you like it so far? Share your thoughts when ready! Happy trading![/QUOTE]

Hi krakenyo,

Somehow my replies don’t appear here. Anyway, I took total of 4 trades (Friday) using your indicator and I won all of them.



Binary Options is a zero-sum game, it is the closest form of trading you have to gambling, and I do not believe that it is worth working with sophisticated strategies. You either get the prediction right or wrong, then you win or lose. The problem is when you lose, you lose 100% of your investment (in most cases), but when you win (which by the way is very hard to come by) you only receive a fraction of return from your investment. Stats show that you would have to have a win-rate of at least 75% to stand a chance of being profitable.

I would like to kindly correct you on your above statement. If you can lose 100% of your investment but only gain a portion of the investment, than that makes it a negative sum game. If the return was also 100% than it would be a zero sum game. This puts the odds in favour of the house, so as long as you keep playing than over a long sample period you will end up losing more than you gain, theoretically. However, anything is possible and with the right mind set I 100% believe that binary options is do-able.

The thing with BO is that the systems/strategies used are mostly mechanical and again fail after an extended period of time since the markets are always changing. A trial run of 2, 5, 20, even 100 demo trades for that matter will do you no good(I might put more weight on 100 trades if the statistics are recorded properly). So for those few winning ITM’s give a false hope to anybody who is unaware of the psychological pitfalls of trading.

I am not in anyway trying to deter anybody from trading binary options. I believe it’s possible but please do not jump into things with a small sample size of demo. I would advise AT LEAST 2 months of demoing any system/strategy before taking it live.

Hello myfx,

That’s a good balance, 4 out of 4. I am happy for you!
I am used to trade it in 5 min TF and expiry, although I like to hear that you are testing with 15 min expiry.

Keep on testing the strategy and if possible please share how you are trading it and what flaws have you found. Your experience is really important.

Also, remember that the strategies are not only a “do the trade now”, but a “hey, check the market as something might be trade-able soon”.

Thanks for your messages and happy trading!

PS: just as a personal thought, it would be great if you could give some more testing in demo before continuing on live.

Hello krakenyo,

Am still testing on demo, but am having problems determining the best trading hours, it’s seems the best time for me to trade it’s when us and eur market are closed. It’s kind of difficult to me to try on other hours because am partial time trader. Cheers , thank you for sharing.

Hi arri22,

Thank you for testing and sharing your experience with the strategy.
I personally trade during the European session, as that is where I believe we can get the most number of trading opportunities.

Perhaps during the Asian session you can get some good trades as well. When ready, please tell us how the volatility during those hours has affected your trading with this settings. :slight_smile:

Happy trading!

Hi krakenyo,

Am using this strategy on live account so far on a week of trading, 15 trades 12 wins 3 losses , am so thankful for this strategy, am very pleased for the results. Thank you again.

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Hi, just trying to keep this post updated now its week 3 on this strategy i managed to increase my investment from 200 to 3200 usd i had a nice streak, BUT this week has been akwful, using the same parameters all my trades has been lost, so from 3200 i only been able to withdraw 1200 am not mad at all but i keep wondering what did i did wrong. I hope someone could help. Thank you.


Hello arri22,

Sorry to hear that you had some losses. The important thing is to learn from the losing trades in order to improve our analysis, remember that we are market analysts before traders.

It would be great if you could share a pic of a losing trade, have you got any? That way we could look at it together.
On the other hand, is it possible that maybe you have been carried away with such a good streak? Sometimes we can get certain bias after certain performances.

Taking the trade is not only following the indicators, but also studying price action; past support and resistances. I understand you avoid trading during news releases, right?

The only thing we can now for sure is that markets are constantly changing and in order to carry on in the biz we need to adapt as fast as we can.

Happy trading!

how do i open the files in the zip folder? what program are you using to view the files?

Hi acimahs,

you have to use metatrader, and copy the files on the zip to the indicators and templates folder. cheers

hi krakenyo and the house, i just resolved the first issue about which of the templates to use. Thanks

hello kaysalas,