Binary Options Trading. Too good to be true?

Hi Guys

I was looking at Binary Options trading and it looks a little bit too good to be true.
The bloke in the video was explaining that all you need to do is identify the pairs that are trending
all they need to be doing is going the same way in a set amount of time and you cash in.

Has anyone had any experience trading this way and can shed some more light on how effective it really is?

And if so, has anybody got any tips on indicators and systems that are effective with this type of trading?


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Those types of videos you are talking about are just a bunch of scammers trying to rip you off!!
It takes lots of practice and lots of time. You have to learn and understand trading in general.
Then study different strategies and THEN put up or stick with a strategy that suits you best.
Lesson nr1: stop listening to these scammers who make promises of
fast money and systems that give 80% correct signals.

Yes I agree. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the reality of trading binary options. Should have just said that really…

If it boils down to guessing ‘up’ or ‘down’ for where the asset will go in the next 5 minutes, run away. Run far, far away.

The only legitimate binary options dealer that I know of so far is Nadex, who are regulated by the CFTC and actually, you know, let you trade binary options…

Simply guessing ‘up’ or ‘down’ is not trading a binary options contract, while Nadex actually does allow you to trade those contracts.

Nonetheless, you still need to be familiar with the asset to be able to choose the direction and timing which requires the same skill and experience that trading the spot market would require, it’s just a different derivative to do it with

Binary options is the biggest scam known to man. Total garbage. Stay far far far away.

How do they scam you then? I have just been exposed to spreadbetting so I have little experience with other forms.

Trading binary options is not that bad thing. I have traded for a while and had some ups and downs, in general it is little bit more risky than forex trading. I do agree that there are so many scam brokers but there are also good brokers. This is an article who I think will give you some heads up about binary and forex trading: Forex or Binary Options? - PaxForex

Try using price action with binary options. Support and resistance. Type price action binary options and you will see what I am talking about.

I know that there are people who make money trading binary options. It is a bit more risky since you don’t really have the option to place a stop loss and your trades are confined to a specific time frame. However, the latter may also be a blessing, depends on how you look at this.

There might be some scam brokers in the market though we can not blame binary option trading as a total scam, I have seen many forex traders have negative reviews about binary trading but for God sake its 2016 and Binary option trading has matured now. All what you need to master it is the strategies which you can learn over time and effective money management is needed for winning at BO.

Binary Option just scams
nothing without it. Any bar is better than it. Because minimum beer you can get free.

Yes I agree. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with the reality of trading binary options.

Not only are binary options more often than not a scam, but the scams are so ubiquitous that have spawned another industry – that of the recovery companies and professionals.

The situation with the recovery companies is rather similar to that of the binary options companies – while there are some honest companies, but there are also a lot of scammers. So in the end it turns out that one type of scam has enabled another type of scam to exist.

Stay away from Binary Options. It’s a scam and only way you can expect is to lose all your investments

At first binary options seem to be so straightforward and this is their main drawback. to make good money on binary options, strategy and discipline is needed.

This videos are a simple promotion

What is good in trading and what isn’t - only the choice of traders. Some traders claim that binaries are good and they helpe them to earn good money, others state that it’s a scam and one should never try them. The truth is different for everyone I guess. I can state that if you have enough experience, skills and knowledge then you are able to try binary options. Everything for it you can find in the internet, theree are lots of indicators/strategies which work certainly only for baniry options. If you do it wisely then you will ear solid sums of money. The main is to be passionate about what you are doing I believe, that’s why only those traders reach heights who passionately do their job.

Of course binary options look too good to be true, nevertheless there are lots of pitfalls here. Imagine that you open a deal with expiration time 1 minute and your potential win is 85% on latam for example. You open a deal with 10$, if you win, you will get 18.5$. If you lose, you will lose everything and you will have to make at least two deals in order to be in plus. Thta’s the main pitfall of binaries actually. It’s a very risky activity in comparison with other trading styles, nevertheless it’s possible to earn here. It will take plenty of ime to learn how to make money, anyway it’s possible.

Binaries are good in good hands actually. The vast majority of traders aren’t good at binaries, hence the would better stay away from them. In my opinion, people should approach binaries with caution, because nobody knows what will be going on with you after trading binaries. It’s so easy to lose all your money, the easier task is just to thow them away actually. I believe that binaries are harmful, but not for all. There are plenty of traders who managed to master binaries and now they earn enough money for provide themselves with everything they need. So, if you’re a very risky guy/girl and is egaer to try, then try it, but I warned you.