Binary Options

When using binary options which are the best time frames and technical analysis to use? Also, how do you know which [B]Expiration Time[/B] you should select before entering in on a trade? Is it based the time frame you select viewing?


i find any thing under 4 hours is just like betting / gambling _ like 5 min trade are crazy
i love long term as they a normally much cheaper way far from the money

i made a lovly last week - trade that the AUD/USD touch .9100 it was only 6 points to make but to make 94 return

the only time i trade short term if i am trading news or London break but they are base around 1-4 hours

You can just trade whatever works for you to be honest. I like to dabble around with 5 min expiries and I’ve been getting good results so far. But I’m a M1/M5 forex trader for many years, so my experience plays in a lot.

Just test around, play with a demo account and you’ll find what you’re good at.

Thanks for the response. Where would i get a demo binary account. I have an account with nrgbinary and blew most of it without proper training. Decided i will first do more educating myself then try again to build my account.

P.s. they said they dont have a demo account.

Thanks for the response. I agree anything under 4hours is alot like gambling. My question is how do you select the expiration time? I.e. if the chart you viewing is 4 hours, do you selct an expritaion time 4 hours from when your trade was placed?


You can use whatever charts you want to use in terms of timeframe. What you need to consider is where the price is going to end up at the expiry time you set. If you are trading contracts that end on the hour, you will probably want to use a much more granular timeframe of say, 5-15 minutes.