Binary Options

Hi guys! Is here anybody who trade bunary options ?

Yes of course, I traded in
Its great to trade with them. Do you also trade in binary??

Yep I dabble in it from time to time. Do you trade binary options? How’s it going so far?

I open an account but I recement start trading, it seems that it’s easy forex you agree with me :confused:.

Yep, i’ve started recently. I was trading with b de binary. Now searching for another broker. You mentioned first binary option broker, how were they?

Hi there! Yeah, I trade BO for not so long time. For now, it is going good.

Definetely , BO trading is much easier than Forex.
Hey, what broker do you trade with?

I trade BO’s here and there in an insignificant account.

Yes i am trading in the Binary Options :slight_smile:

I am using GrowBinary as they are the best :slight_smile:

I’m trade with firstbinaryoption broker, they are absolutely good and fair of BO broker.
They have open new office in indonesia, and its great broker with step by step improving its services.


Besides everything else I am trading binary options to and I am very satisfied with my broker.

It sickens me to read one sentence posts where people say “I trade with xxxx broker, they are the best and fair”. Do you work for that broker or there is simply nothing else you can say about them? What makes YOUR broker so special and unique?
From my personal experience I can say a lot of things about the binary brokers I traded with. Most of them are scammers. Their sales reps bend over backward to get you to fund your account, but when it comes to making a withdrawal, that’s where the most interesting stuff starts to happen. They would come up with all sorts of excuses and would tell flat-out lies. There is this Cyprus based and regulated broker that I traded with and when I decided to make a withdrawal their rep called me and said that it first has to by approved by CySec. I loled in the face to that guy, as if regulators have nothing else to do, than to approve withdrawals (for the record, regulators don’t approve withdrawals, they lay down the rules, by which brokers can play, that’s the only thing they do).
And yes, there are honest and fair brokers, that process withdrawals quickly, that have good knowledgeable support and easy to use platforms.
In general, yes, binaries are easier to trade, but that doesn’t necessarily imply that it is easier to make money trading binaries.

Piece brothers.

I traded BO for a while and still look at it from time to time. I was at it for s few months i got my knowledge in binary options. I strongly prefer forex over BO because, in forex you are waiting for price to hit your level it could be days or weeks or just hours etc… In BO its a set time that you have for that option to expire above or below your price you chose. So in forex you could’ve taken a short and said oh I’ll take a BO trade with that. BUT the short didn’t play out for a day so forex worked out but you placed your BO for 4 hours and now it lost. There is also a ton of a scam BO brokers gotta do your research to see what ones are good. The only one i really traded with was beeoptions because im in the USA. BO I would trade just short term options like 10min-few hours because that was easier for me to predict, drop to lower TF on the charts and see the short term movement and act on that. Some people might prefer the daily and weekly options though.

Trading in the Binary Options is the In thing these days.

I mean compared with the Forex it is very much easier to trade in the Binary Options.

If you are going to trade binary just be aware of the market.

There are many unscrupulous vendors, I write reviews daily and over 99% of them are negative.

Hope that helps you get started.

It seems to me that you guys have a lot of experience in BO trading. Can you give me a list of honest brokers. Or maybe recommend me a broker that you trade with?

I am at present considering to trade in the Binary Options.

I must say that many of the Brokers who are also offering the Binary Options are the Best :slight_smile: