Binary Trading IQ Options

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Support does not respond with intent to resolve individuals queries. Unable to verify account due to the old card being damaged. I got a new one along with the change of card form from the bank. They told me to upload it (the form) to verify the account. But after a MONTH the verification was failed. When I asked why they said I didn’t upload images of the deposited card after telling them it was DAMAGED. One support agent said that after the card images are declined (1st attempt of verifying) the second time upload the change of card letter. This letter/form was given to me directly from the bank, stamped signed and dated. It has all the card information on there. now after I uploaded it and waited 6 days they say it failed. I ask why? They say cause it ain’t images of the old and damaged card. WHAT? So I’m gonna just leave this review as much places as possible. STAY AWAY FROM IQ OPTIONS. They are theives!

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Do you believe in Karma? It may be lady luck telling you to stay away from Binary Options. Hang around a bit and you will find your experience has been a blessing in disguise. :sunglasses: