Bit off topic. Books on trading bonds

Hey everyone bit off topic, but I like to learn how to trade bonds because when I first started to learn to trade forex I read it’s good to also learn at least two markets, so I would like to start to learn how to trade bonds now that I’m couple of year into my forex career now thought it would be good time to start learning.



Benjamin Graham’s The Intellegent Investor


Yes, it is! But, you have to go for one by one; if you are happy on your monthly return from FX market, then go for the next one.

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Do you want to trade bonds as futures or just as they are?

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Aha I all ready have it good Sir, I’m about 1/5 way through and good to hear from you @krugman25 see your advice on a lot of theses topics.

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@Luke_Ronchi well I am happy with my progress I would personally like it to be bit more, atm I seem to avarge 3-4% month but I would like that to 5-6%

And @James.F I think I would prefer to trade them as they are and not as fututers.

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It sounds like you are on the right track! For stocks and bonds investing, not using price action analysis, this book is arguably the best book ever written on those topics. This is the book that buffet built much of his investing strategy from.

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Hmm yeah I’ve seen a lot of people hyped about it for that reason, and a lot of people didn’t know that buffet made a lot of his money off bonds

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Kind of on a side note, I always think it’s funny when some self righteous traders (or supposed experienced traders who are probably just experienced forum lurkers) say “If you want to become a successful trader you shouldn’t be listening to anyone, just figure it out yourself”. That sounds really cute, except in reality most of the worlds most successful traders built their own successful strategies off of those that came before them.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” - Sir Isaac Newton

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. :relaxed:


A decent returns; just keep it up. Hope for the best.

@krugman25 I couldn’t agree more !!! Like it annoys me how that guy who trades stocks Tim Skye’s who’s says he took a guy from $1500 to $1,000,000 but If you ever really look into it he actually started with 11,500 aha which is a lot lol I had to save up £1000 to trade with after demoing for ages aha. And it just goes to prove that they don’t really ever tell the truth aha

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I remember reading about Tim Skye many years ago. It’s hard to tell what is truth or not, but if it is true then that is some astronomical growth. I was reading on this traders blog yesterday about how his buddy turned 50k into 2 million in a couple months trading lumber, and then blew up his entire account back to 0$ a month later. Some of these traders are just really lucky, and some are really good traders but have no discipline when it comes to walking away from losses.

Christ! If I got 2 million I would withdraw it all and start with £50,000 again and try and do it again aha. Also @krugman25 do you know any trading books for forex that are for more advanced traders not beginners level, I like mechanical trading systems and would like to specialis in technical analysis( I know how fundermental is useful to know and use) so if you know any decent reads let me know man thanks l. Also what’s Lumber, is that Cripto currency?? I had a business rep say how his friend put £40,000 in bitcoin and lost nearly all of it ! Bitcoin was only really
Good at the beginning aha wish I brought that when it first came out aha would have been crazy rich ahaha :joy:

Lumber is just the good ol’ building material. You can trade it through the futures symbol /LS.

do you know any trading books for forex that are for more advanced traders not beginners level

I don’t know of any books per se, but for the method I use to trade which is candlestick and pattern analysis, you should check out Bulkowski’s Glossary Don’t let the 1990’s website design dissuade you, Thomas Bulkoski is the king of pattern analysis and statistics. Just as an aside, take his candlestick statistics with caution, the reason being is he analyzes all instances of a pattern, not just instances from support and resistance or trends. Still, you will learn more about pattern and candlesticks from a week on his website than in 5 years just surfing google. From there I would take that foundational knowledge and start looking for good price action blogs/websites that then show how to read the bigger price action picture and specifically how to trade those patterns.

Here is another website that has some success rate statistics on the most common price patterns The 7 Best Price Action Patterns Ranked by Reliability

Now if your talking about books about technical indicators, I don’t use any indicators. For my trading style, they can’t tell me any more than price action itself can, so they just don’t add any value. I know some who use them for confirmation signals, which is fine, but I personally don’t know of any good resources to study up on them.


@krugman25 wow that’s a massive help and thanks very much! At the moment I’m in Thailand on holiday for 4 weeks and only really demo trading over the next few weeks in the evenings before bed aha I’m kinda glad I am on demo cuz I don’t have time to look at baby pips calendar atm and see what impact is going on because my daily chart trend system that I’m trying develop and fine tune is doing terrible aha. But I might add I’m only able to trade on my phone which isn’t great because my broker app doesnt turn side ways, so it’s bit hard to look at charts on small screen aha and lost about 2% of the account but like I said only demo. Phewww aha

Also sorry I was being dumb I thought lumber might of meant something different lol.

Also @krugman25 if you don’t mind , could I run my trend system by you ? Because it’s not complicated I try and keep things simple aha. So it’s a crossover system with RSI and sometimes a MACD for entry and exit. Any way the system uses linear weight moving averages(LWMA) one at a period of 12(blue) and the other at 20(red) easy simple colours I find. And RSI is at a period of 10. Actually it’s probably easier if I put the link in to this topic I made of trying different daily chart trend system and If you want to read it you’ll see which system I’m on about ( I call It trend system MK3 aha ) and you can see the system with pictures ( Help Making a daily chart trend system )

I’ve also been updating what I’ve been doing in this blog as well. Also I use chart patterns a lot and I also use support and resistance level a lot too. I know there not set in stone but I really do feel like they sometime are and if they do break well that’s why as traders we have strict risk management aha.

Sorry to ramble on aha, I just at the point Now where I’m not a beginner anymore and would say I’m fairly competent but I just need experience. Also doesn’t help that I’m little impatient and want to be having a successful trading system straight away but like I said in TheRiseAndFall86 topic it’s all about the long game.

Also once you’ve had a look at my trading system on my other topic I would like your opinion if that’s not to much trouble because I would like this system to be able to go on for a while and also any feed back from an experienced trader is always useful, also just say if I’m asking too much ! Don’t wanna be rude.

Sorry for the long reply krugman25

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No worries friend! I have been unusually busy at work so I didn’t spend much time yesterday online. I appreciate you asking me to take a look at your system, and I may pop in and take a peak at it, but to be fair to you I am probably not the right person to offer suggestions on indicator based/mechanical systems. The reason being is that I don’t use indicators at all in my trading. I just trade candlesticks and price patterns, and so my comments on your system would not be from a position of experience and knowledge. I certainly don’t want to lead you astray with bad suggestions so I will stick with what I know, price action. But there are a number of people here who do trade with indicators and have years of experience with them, and they are the type of resource you would want to hear from.

I do certainly wish you good and successful trading!

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@krugman25 thanks very so much! And I also use candle stick patterns a lot ( just love how they form and do repeat them selfs in randomish price action) I might not have WiFi where I’m next going Thailand but those links you sent are really good, I’ll most probably check them out more when I have WiFi, but if I don’t reply for a while it’s not because I’m being rude just traveling for few days :smile:

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