Bitboy, popular Crypto YouTuber, arrested after gun incident with ex-business partner

It’s Monday, which means crypto drama.

If you’ve been in and around crypto for any amount of time, you might have run across tweets or YT videos created by Bitjboy.

Well, apparently he’s in jail for bringing a gun to a fist fight.


I assume that is an American expression. What’s a fannypack? It is quite rude in the UK. LOL

I used to follow Bitboy crypto but it really went to his head when he reached a million followers, and thought he could walk on water. Shame to see that absolute power corrupts absolutely. A legend in his own mind that guy.


fannypack = bumbag

And on a YT livestream too? :sweat: Definitely not his week. :confused:

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Now I’m curious what it means in the UK. :sweat_smile: Hahaha. But in the PH (heavily influenced by the US), it’s also some sort of a beltbag you strap around your waist. :blush:

Thanks. I’ll remember that one.

Oof. That’s a whole lot of things going on in there.

How has he been doing this year? With crypto crashing, is he even still as popular?

I would blush bright red if I had to tell you what that means in the UK :blush:

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Just google ‘fanny’ in UK culture. However, I don’t know how they’re related to each other. :expressionless:

Now that’s funny sounding!

Hmmm, so he’s out on bail for loitering and “simple assault by placing another in fear”. Must not have been that serious if he’s out on just $2600 bail. Or am I missing something?

I watched him a couple of times along with the Crypto Banter guys. It’s been a while though.

The Bitboy Crypto network/YT channel is no more. The current owners have rebranded it to Discover Crypto_.

Bitboy has raised over $100k from his fans to cover legal fees.

Just another week in crypto.