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Hello. I’m new to Bitcoin. I purchased bitcoin
few hundreds through cash app sent to bitfxoption’s broker. He asks me to get my information to connect company’s site which is driver’s license,ss# and also cash app email&pin# to connect server.
I didn’t give him the ss# and cash app pin# yet. I’m still suspicious about it.
Does anyone traded from this company?
It would be very helpful…thank you

Why did you decide on this broker? How did you come to know of them? Couple of things stand out on their website:

  1. Their claim of “World’s #1 Broker” - yea right!

  2. Nothing about regulation anywhere

  3. No way to contact them

  4. If they allow BTC trading, you should be able to fund your account with BTC, which the website says you can. Why would they need access to your cash app, if that was true?

  5. The links to their IOS and Android apps go nowhere.

  6. The domain is only 1 month old.


Hello,thank you for helping me out!
I felt suspicious because they’re in England.
The domain is too young.
I actually told the broker to refund but there insn’t no way. It’s definitely scam

Also, the address listed for Helsin Finance is not current. Here’s what Companies House business registrar in the UK shows:

The scammers probably just took the company name to look more legtimate. There’s also no Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About Us pages - all of the standard website stuff.

If they have your money, I hope you get it back. Doubtful, though.

Try this in the mean time. Not sure if you need to actually be in the UK to report.

Hello,thank you for advice.
He’s saying it’s under the maintenance,
I have no way to refund,I just don’t know what to do for refund.
For the report I should try.

So you did send them money or you didn’t send them money?

If they have your money and won’t return it in a timely manner, I would report them.

I’m still talking to him for refund.
He’s saying he needs my ss# to refund.
I should report

You should ask “If I can fund by BTC, why can’t you refund by BTC?” How did you send the money in the first place?