Bitcoin as a Safe Haven?

Which one is a safe haven asset?


Gold.or usd. Never bitcoin.

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Although you can’t eat Gold - it seems that toilet paper has become a bit of a safe haven. I read in Hong Kong and armed gang even robbed a warehouse of it.

The only safe haven is cash.

You can talk of havens with different risk levels, from 0 to 100 say, but even cash is not 100% safe. Bitcoin is nowhere in sight on this scale.

I agree with the last commentator. Only cash can always be trusted. It can’t be traced (unless someone intentionally marked the banknotes). That’s why I also think the only safe haven is cash.

Hasn’t Gold been a historical safe haven?

Im sure all those who had their crypto stolen at Mt Gox and other exchanges don’t think its a safe haven.

Not mention losing your personal encryption code.

Great for trading though