Bitcoin as a Safe Haven?

Which one is a safe haven asset?


Gold.or usd. Never bitcoin.

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Although you can’t eat Gold - it seems that toilet paper has become a bit of a safe haven. I read in Hong Kong and armed gang even robbed a warehouse of it.

The only safe haven is cash.

You can talk of havens with different risk levels, from 0 to 100 say, but even cash is not 100% safe. Bitcoin is nowhere in sight on this scale.

I agree with the last commentator. Only cash can always be trusted. It can’t be traced (unless someone intentionally marked the banknotes). That’s why I also think the only safe haven is cash.

Hasn’t Gold been a historical safe haven?

Im sure all those who had their crypto stolen at Mt Gox and other exchanges don’t think its a safe haven.

Not mention losing your personal encryption code.

Great for trading though

True. The industry is not secure enough yet for that.

To illustrate my point - last year people in China, where crypto trading is actually banned, have lost on average 20K USD per person to cryptocurrency scam. How can an industry with such major issues be a safe haven?

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I think it is Gold. It will always be in demand and won’t lose its value anytime soon. So, for me, it is a better investment option.

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Gold has always been a safe haven commodity.