Bitcoin below 30k! Are you buying the dip?

Currently at 29k, anyone buying this dip? :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Question really is: are we now in the dip? I am still very bearish on Bitcoin. I think around $10,000 - $15,000 will be the lowest low. But all up to you!

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of course Im long with leverage

Dang 10k?? You really think it’ll get there? :open_mouth:

no way Im long

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NO :slight_smile:

The Bitcoin price is a slave to it’s VWAP… It’s that simple…

Research Arbitrage…

Bitcoin about to go up big… It’s all about the VWAP… June 29th 10.00pm (UTC +10)

OOOOH I’m listening. What price are you looking at? lol. Also I have to say this is the first time I’m hearing about VWAP. How often do you use this? Or is this something you reserve for bitcoin?

Same. Much long too. I got locked out of my main crypto account though after replacing my phone so I couldn’t log in and BTFD.

Hope u gonna fix it)

Yup! Got in touch with the company and had to send in documents. All sorted out now thankfully!

I’m eyeballing around $11900 myself. Could be a good opportunity at $21k as well but I’d rather buy lower.

Happy to hear

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You have buy orders at those levels? :open_mouth:

I sold everething few days ago and my last part of LTC with profit

No I am waiting to see if price comes into those areas. Until it gets close I just keep a cursory eye on the price.

I thought it was going to continue dropping the other day but it looks like we’re back up to 31 again…

For now it looks that way. I can see another LL from here though.

That completely got thrown out lol. Hope you didn’t have any short trades!