Bitcoin Breaks Above $30K for First Time Since June 2022

Bitcoin has broken above $30,000 for the first time since June 2022 due to institutional adoption and increased retail investor interest.


yes sounds good , after a very long time saw this price , hope this Bullish movement will continue

I hope so too. Maybe $40K next month? :crossed_fingers:

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And here I was, waiting for it to go below $25k </3 :sweat_smile:

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Love the positivity. :blush: Hahaha. But with BTC, it’s really hard to tell no? I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see. If ever price goes up, do you have any plans of selling? :thinking:

It is virtually impossible for Bitcoin to reach 40000 in MARCH." In light of the potential for further rate hikes from the Fed…After March, I will need to reassess the market conditions to determine whether my trading approach needs to be adjusted.

If I were to trade Bitcoin in March using a strategic approach, the following would be my plan.

On June 21, 2021, the low at 31000 served as immediate resistance, and on January 23, 2022, the low at 33000 served as major resistance for March. My intuition tells me that it is unlikely for the price to reach 33000 in March.

Therefore, I would use a contrarian counter-trend approach by averaging down the price with one lot at 31000 and targeting 30500 in March. If the price goes higher, I will double down with two lots at 32000, aiming to square off with a profit at the 31500 level.

However, if the price reaches 33000 in March, I will cut my losses and accept the consequences.

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A little more pump before one final dump :stopwatch:

We are currently in April of 2023 so I am assuming you are referring to March 2024?

My mistake

I’m referring to the month of April. IMHO, Bitcoin should not go above 33,000 by the end of April.


I have learned to never say never especially as it relates to this business of trading. I think it is a distinct possibility that it will past 33k. And not to mention if Elon Musk makes another of his influential tweets.

It may surpass 33k, but I’m just saying it won’t surpass 33k by the end of April in light of the possibility of further rate hikes by the Fed.