Bitcoin Buy Weekly Strategy

Simple plans are the best… 3.951018 bit coin for $13,200, Breakeven price is $3,340. You must be loving this last leg up. All the best.

Please can you elaborate your point. I am missed

I simply divided the total amount of money invested over the past two and a half years (5,200+5,200+2800 = $13,200 invested) by the total amount of bitcoins accumulated (2.6397 + 0.750053 + 0.561265 = 3.951018 bitcoins) . Break Even price= $13,200 /3.951018 = $3,340,


@Dennis3450 How this strategy is called? I couldn’t find anything about it. Only thing I found was Warren Buffett’s advice on buying shares of different companies monthly.

when price is below your average cost, then this is called "dollar cost Averaging " other wise it is just long term accumulation

It made a total sense to me to implement it. I would rather make small investments every week or month than let my money just be sitting in my bank account and devaluate.

I was about to start trading forex a while ago but unfortunately life got in the way and that’s been set aside. But this is a pure effortless, don’t know if you can call it a strategy or just a way of investing your money.

@Dennis3450 would you recommend to invest only in big players such as you mentioned or companies that have a potential to grow bigger in future? I know some industries that are growing constantly and in the next few years they will make good returns. The funny thing is that not many people talks about them. Don’t know if it’s good or bad though.

Anyway, your advice would much appreciated.


Warren Buffet became the riches man in the world investing in some of the most boring companies, But I do prefer index funds like the S&P and DOW 30, these will always have a bias to the upside as companies that stop growing will fall out of the indexes

If you are trying to out smart the market then do this, put half your money in the S&P 500 and trade the other half at the end of a year see which half did better, most professional fund manager will under perform the S&P

Good Luck

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Absolutely delighted for you, Dennis.
I wasn’t sure when I first heard your plans but I’m very glad it’s been such a success

Well, there’s two things that are on the rise for a good time and will only get bigger. One of them is CBD oil which is an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs (CBD is natural, no side effects). And the other one is Vegan food industry. That’s what I’m tempted to put my hard earned money in.

Just need some advice in regards of the platform. I know that you have to pay fees investing in shares. Which would be the best to make regular small investments of couple of hundreds £ a month? And would it be better/cheaper to do a hundred every week or a couple every month in one go?

Sorry for asking so many questions but have no experience in using any of platforms.



Awesome results! Makes me want to start looking into cryptocurrency. Thanks for sharing your strategy.

Weekly update

Deep pullback last week but we finished the week with Bitcoin up $400 and my buy weekly strategy up $310


I am using the opening price of $10590 on July 22 for tracking

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May I ask what particular day do you buy or you buy any day of the week. Moreover, what strategy do you apply in buying.

I found some good cryptocurrency stocks, on a stock market news website and found these stocks helpful for my investment research (ASX: FFG), (ASX: DCC), Change Financial Limited (ASX: CCA). Your research is definately going to help me for my investment.

Down week for Bitcoin and this 5-week flagging pattern continues, with the price down about $1000 from last week we added another $100 of Bitcoin at a much better price, this will pay off during the next rip higher



Do you have a particular range you’re looking at to qualify for that crazy up move?

back to all time highs would fit the bill

it is early but we could get a Cup with Handle, that is a huge bullish signal

That would be beautiful. Hope that happens!

It is sick the kind of money some of these early buyers of Bitcoin are holding ,

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And losing control of the USD? That will never happen.

Usually the side that has an army behind it always wins. My bet is on not on Facebook on this one.

This came across as a bit confusing, I was replying to an older thread :" what scares my about Libra is Facebook, they are plan EVIL just like Google. What happens when Google, Facebook and Amazon all have their own coin, this could get crazy and some how I don’t see the US Federal Reserve allowing this "

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We have a bullish weekly candle, this should signal the end to a 4-week flag pattern, Is this the last we see of Bitcoin for under 10K?