Bitcoin Buy Weekly Strategy

Bitcoin holds above the current trendline, but just barely.

Ethereum increases its divergence from Bitcoin

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Hi Clint,

You beat me to it, Ethereum hits a new all-time high today as Bitcoin continues to pull back, I own both so no big deal for me

Sometimes I hate being right all the time

Three weeks ago I posted this warning

And now we are seeing it played out

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The only good thing is we have not hit 45K yet, but a great opportunity for those following my Buy Weekly Strategy, there is going to come a time that we are all going to wish we had bought at this level

Cryptos have been in sharp correction for many days now. Bitcoin is leading the parade downward.
But, Ethereum has been saying, “Nope, not going down there.”

An old stock market adage says,
"Buy what won’t go down in a bear market. – Sell what won’t go up in a bull market."

This crypto correction is not in any sense a “bear market”. But, maybe that old stock market adage applies equally well to sharp corrections. On the hunch that it does, I bought Ethereum this evening (Sunday) at 9:24 EDT (01:24 UTC).

We shall see.


If you had Used the Buy Weekly Strategy and bought at the close of the weekly candle you would have woken to 8 and 9% gains overnight



Ethereum hits a new all-time high, Great Call Clint!

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hottest ticket in crypto land continues to be Ethereum

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Coinbase IPO has been out for 2 weeks and what a wild ride, as the market figures out just what it is worth, the rest of us must decide if this is something we want to own as a possible alternative to crypto.

I will be watching for any correlation between Bitcoin and Coinbase price action and may pick up a few shares at the current price and ad on dips

Note; having Coinbase in the Nasdaq makes it that much harder for Congress to take action against Bitcoin


This article says that Bitcoin is a threat to US national security, and must be made illegal.

The authors claim that the US Constitution, the Coinage Act of 1792, and the Coinage Act of 1857 provide all the legal authorization necessary for immediately banning the use of Bitcoin within the US. Such a ban would require no new laws to be enacted.

This author is an idiot, Bitcoin is no different than Gold as a store of value, it is in no way replacing the dollar for everyday transactions, you cannot pay your taxes with it.

Watch for these lower-cost coins to out perform Bitcoin, and they will likely drop faster too


It has been nearly a month since Bitcoin hit a new high, during that time Ethereum has had 16 new highs and has doubled in price. another month of this and it may over take Bitcoin as my #1 holding

Note; Buy Weekly works just as well on Ether

I agree.

Late Saturday night, I converted one-half of my Bitcoin to Ethereum.

Depending on what Bitcoin does in the 55k-65k range, I might convert the remaining half.


you might want to add a little litecoin too, it is doing very well and far more likely to double this year than Bitcoin

Dennis, you buy into the dogecoin/shiba inu craze? I swear, I can’t keep up with all of these!

I wish I had, I am just to conservative of an investor to catch these highly speculative coins

Maybe that’s for the best. Shiba down 32% TODAY!

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Why is it we rush to buy things on sale, but hesitate when it is stocks or in this case Bitcoin

Bitcoin under 50K and Ether under 4K these opportunities may soon go away forever


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Not sure good time is coming to crypto. Elon Musk proved once again he can control the market by just one tweet. As soon as he stopped BTC as a payment for tesla it started to go down like crazy. And if/ most likely When US announces cryptocurrency is illegal it’ll go down more…