Bitcoin Continues to Fall After Hitting All-Time High. Is This Fine?

After reaching a new all-time high of $69,170, it dropped 12% in five hours. The current market volatility is seen as a normal part of Bitcoin’s behavior during bull markets. Thorn thinks the current dip might lead to some consolidation before another potential jump.

Do you guys think we will see another all-time high for Bitcoin anytime soon?

Personally, I think it’s fine that it’s falling since I’ll be able to get in again at a more favorable price. :sweat_smile: But I think it’s definitely possible that we’ll see another ATH, just not anytime soon. :thinking:

Highly likely, and before the halving event, but I also plan it will likely tank shortly before or after halving. It is all speculation but you have to take a view and stick with it. If you think you will be right or you think you will be wrong, you will be right.

I’m interested in crypto too. Bitcoin is interesting. But still confusing from the tech.

This is not just fine, not just okay; it is normal. I don’t expect any market to keep breaking an ATH without dipping.
I think that’s the norm

Totally agree. Massive traders should take profit at 69k cause price dropping and new investors would jump out the ship with losses due to FOMO effect. Only whales and experienced trader would hold to die, this year, BTC will surely hike 69k to even it’s dream price at 100k, my thought.

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Bitcoin could hit 100,000 in April at this rate. It seems to be on track for 1,000,000 before 2030.

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I think we easily hit $100k before year end.


I am betting on 100K before this summer,


It’s fine with me. I’m just waiting for February 1637 to come round again.

I can see the price $73k for now, so what? :rofl: :money_mouth_face:

I am with you! 100K this year is really real, I think!

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Any chance it goes back into the 50s?

With the current price, I wouldn’t be surprised tbh. :sweat_smile:

I feel like that would be a long shot. :confused: I also want it to drop to $50k but it keeps going up. :sweat_smile:

With the way crypto moves, anything’s possible.