Bitcoin future talking

Truly, it has been said that we should create the future we want to see. In order words, if you want tomorrow to be great, then start working on it today.

That is how the software industry has developed and transformed from one forms to another until we now have the powerful software that support bitcoin, which are; Blockchain, Cryptography and Internet.

Here are what I’m thinking. The future is not far from us in software technological breakthrough.

1.The future of work is Contributor and not employee.
2.The future of platforms, systems and institutions is decentralization and not centralization.
3.The future of contract is smart contract and not trust contract.
4.The future of money is crypto and not fiat.

I agree entirely, which is why four months ago I created a new investment plan for Crypto and set about a learning spree on that matter. I now have a five year investment plan for Crypto (Alt currencies) that will use savings dollar cost averaging to achieve my goal with between ten and twenty different Cryptos. I am now 6% invested and feel very comfortable with the long term prospects.

However, last month I longed for the ability to short Cryptos, especially BTC and ETH since they constitute 80% of the market. I also have a very long term preference for Gold which we have been invested in for 30 years. Crypto and Gold seem to go together. BTW I agree with your statements for about the past 30 years, having lived overseas and witnessed economies whose currencies have tanked to leave their citizens penniless.

So that is what has brought me back to Forex trading after an absence of about five years. I realize that Cryptos are risky by themselves, and will be even more risky by considering trading them too, but it is something I am committed to do to enhance unleveraged returns. My challenge last week was to get some money on PAXG (Paxos Gold) which emulates the price of gold. I had to go through hoops to create an exchange account with a broker who trades PAXG, then had to buy some Tether coin on my primary broker account, transfer Tether funds to the new brokerage (and realized I also had to buy a small amount of ETH to use as “gas” to pay for the Tether transfer, and finally to buy the PAXG. I had wanted to leverage that trade about 5:1, but realizing I was already in virgin knowledge territory, I chickened out and just bought it with no leverage. I am sure this will get easier as it progresses. I am now the proud owner of six Crypto coins spread between a cold wallet and two exchanges, and three months ago I thought a Crypto currency was something called “Bitcoin” and had no idea of the underlying world changing events these little beauties are bringing about in a world largely oblivious to their future impact.

So are you going to act on your thinking, and if so, do you have any investment or trade plan ideas you want to share on the forum?

You’ve said it all mate. The future is in active contribution, in bitcoin. Not in doing what is simply being told, but to analyse, research, compare and again analyse. With so many analytical tools at our disposal, it’s no hard task.