Bitcoin future?

Yep. And as long sideway is so strong and big the push will be.

Bitcoin is the future. Because of the performance & demanding increasing day by day. The future of bitcoin is depending on its present as well as past also. If we check the past metrics or chart that gives confidence to us invest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Taproot upgrade in Nov of this year is the literal future… of development. More privacy, easier future upgrades, lower fees and more. Big development for sure.

Sure. And this is may be the first upgrade welcomed and approved by the miners with no issues.

Bitcoin will be the most used crypto in near future.

We`ll see. :wink:

Not looking bad at first sight. I`ll check it deeply soon.

Bitcoin rallied back again together with Dogecoin and Ethereum after Amazon posted a job ad that they are looking for digital currency and block chain product lead”, who will have to monitor “how Amazon’s customers pay”. People are clearly assuming Amazon will allow crypto payments in the future.

Some much price action fueled by news and the hype machine. But why wouldn’t they look into accepting crypto currencies, at least in a general sense. Still, it would be great news for all hodlers.

We will have to wait and see whether they will actually do that. They could be just pumping it and dumping it like Musk did.

They will… sooner or later.

Agreed. It’s not impossible to think they could come out with their own digital currency to offer to the world. But just like Facebook/Libra/Diem, there would be screams of monopoly and privacy concerns.

It wont be the same screams like Facebook/Libra/Diem im sure but can be something like this. Facebook is way more compromised than Amazon.

Whatever is happening with Diem these days?

I think theyre still working on it but for me its a dead project.

So it’s never coming out then. And there was so much fanfare when they announced it.

Never say never but… yes, may be never. :wink:

Haha, true. I too avoid saying “never” usually, but it slipped out sometimes because it just seems so very unlikely that it’d ever come out.

Hi all.
Kind of a hard week and hard times at all and here im am again. Is all about Bitcoin lost or its just a healthy correction? Guess what… nothing is lost yet, not at all. Be sure that when something in the Bitcoins life change in negative direction ill admit it but that time isnt come yet. In the next 3 posts ill show you how nothing has changed in Bitcoins technicals (up to this date) after this weeks dip. This 3 charts will be daily, weekly and monthly.
Im starting with the lowest and may be the less interesting chart – daily. In this chart well see a couple of indicators – 50 MA, 200 MA, EMA Ribbon and the fibo levels. The price is still above the 50 MA and a bit lower from the 200 MA – not a 100% bullish but bullish after all. The more interesting is the interaction between both MAs. As youll see from the chart were very close to so called Golden cross – very bullish. What about EMA ribbon? The price is not above it but its also not below it. The ribbon itself is not in a flipping position too. These 2 facts are also more bullish than bearish. Fibo levels you can use as support and resistance levels. If we fall way lower, I believe at least the golden pocket (from $38400 and $37600) will react as a strong support and well bounce from there and this will be around $10000 higher than the previous low – positive for the actual bull run. Thats it for now. Like I said above, this is not so interesting but the next (weekly) chart will be way more interesting and bullish.
See ya and remember… DCA (dollar cost average) all the way. It`s a marathon not a sprint.

Hi again all.
Like I told you last time, in 3 consecutive posts ill show you why nothing has changed in Bitcoins technicals (up to this date) and the bull run is not over yet at all. This time will be the weekly time frame so lets go straight to the point. First of all, theres a lot of indicators in this charts. I dont like to over use so much indicators but for the use of this post I must. In the left chart were seeing:

  • Blue dots – parabolic stop and reverse (PSAR). Very reliable indicator which is still showing bullish signals despite the last week big dip.
  • Yellow to red lines – EMA ribbons. And again, the price is still above it, bouncing from their top, and the ribbons aren`t flipping, despite the last week big dip. Bullish.
  • Green channel - Gaussian channel. Almost the same as the EMA ribbons and even better price action. The price is continuously above the channel, bouncing from it`s top, which is what…? Bullish.
  • The green/red line below the chart - Network Value to Transaction (NVT) and Historical Volatility (HV) combined indicator (NVT&HV). As long as were near to 40, there will be big volatility soon. Last weeks dip spiked HV to almost 56, but looks like its going back down. The color of the like is showing the potential way of the break. Green is bullish, red is bearish. What color its showing now? Green – Bullish.
    In the right part of the charts were seeing: A beautiful long-term upward channel. Like youll see every touch of the top of the channel is the cycle top. We`re we now? In the middle of the channel and the scenario can be exactly like 2013 and 2017 – a touch of the middle line, pull back and then a shot to the next ATH and the top of this channel. A conclusion from all this – bullish.
  • Below the long-term upward channel – Puell Multiple. Very simple – spikes are the tops but they must be over 5. Where it was at $64k price level – around 3,50. Where are we now – 1,24. A plus are the green and red vertical lines. What is the last line – green. Are there any red lines soon – no. A conclusion from all this – bullish.
    Thats it for now. Like I said last time, the weekly chart is way more interesting and bullish than may be all the other ones. Next time – a monthly chart. See ya and remember… DCA (dollar cost average) all the way. Its a marathon not a sprint.