Bitcoin future?

Hi. Lets talk about bitcoin and its future. What are you thinking?

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I think bitcoin has gone throuhh 4 year cycles before. It will come out stronger and well above it’s previous ATH. The question is when? Most likely not this year and maybe not next year, but it will come. Bitcoin will change the financial system and take the power away from banks and government.

Static for a few months then will start rising before the end of the year and maybe another ATH next year sometime IMO

More struggle to reach any kind of momentum. The casual/FOMO retail crowd can’t have any money left, so we’ll need some big news happening consistently over the next 12 months to make any sizeable moves. And along the way, we’ll easily see double-digit crashes and buy backs and crashes, and you get the picture.

The Bitcoin ETF will most likely be a catalyst for a big move. And then a giant short.

It’s becoming stable and going up these days, let’s wait a bit and see what happens

Yes Ive predicted this up move will be at the end of march or start of april lately but form this point im a little disorientated.

I guess May/June it’s the time for all predictions to happen

:joy: exactly. Mistaken the months. Excuse me.

I think that it was relatively easy prediction that at one moment the market will stop bearish trend. We have seen that move and now the market is reverting to uptrend again. Now is the question at what level we will see new price reversal?

The Supreme Court of New York decision to ordered Tether to stop loaning money to Bitfinex caused Bitocin to lose 15% of its value in just 15 minutes to 6600 USD, before it recovered to just over 7000 USD.

The flash crash started with a major sell order on Bitstamp. Between 3:45 GMT and 4:15 GMT more then 5000 bitcoins changed hands, with the price dropping to 6178 USD, for a few minutes, down from 7700 USD.

Currently both Bitfinex and its sister company Tether are under investigation by the New York Attorney General.

Bad news from last post, but I think it’s all up and running again, what do you say, correct ? I still do not get how it can be possible but BTC now worth around $8000 for everything else related with that. Please continue your posts to keep it going.

Here’s a bit more reading on that order I posted last week. The sell order was priced at a super unexpected $6200. So… let the conspiracy theories commence…

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I feel like I’m going to need a tinfoil hat for this one. :rofl:
All jokes aside, it is suspicious.

This makes the most sense to me (from the article):

On the flip side, looking at the chart from Bitstamp, the dump occurred over a 10 to 12-minute period with the orders being continuously executing at consecutively lower levels than the market price.

Such a pattern reeks of manipulation but the tradeoff seems counterproductive unless they held high leverage short bets on another exchange, say BitMEX. Theoretically, the dump would cause massive liquidation of long positions thus ensuring profits for the trader.

Or a recent Crypto millionaire fat fingering it. Screams “accident” too, not thought-out action done on purpose.

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No wonder they’re being investigated by the Attourney General. I wonder how deep that rabbit hole will go.

I suppose at the end of this year, right now we’re in a bull run, and probably we’ll be until September, and only after there will be bearish conditions as you know what happens when bullish

I think the bull run will last till the end of the year

I also think about that price reversal and theres a lot of opinions that this will be end of summer/start of autumn or end of the year lately. Well see.

What the top price can be?

bearish again so fast?