Bitcoin gambling

What are the top bitcoin gambling sites?

Wrong community. Don`t waste your and our time, please.

Forex or cryptocurrency market is not a gambling market. You need to predict the future of the currency pairs or cryptos according to the technical and fundamental analysis which is very different from unpredictable and unruled gambling. Hope you have found the answer!

Babypips is a systematic forex forum that can help you regarding how to earn money scientifically. Here we all are here to learn how to earn money scientifically with the use of skills, knowledge and expert assistance. I think you are in wrong forum to know about gambling sites!

Don’t worry bout the previous posts.your in the right spot - and in fact possibly the best gambling place on the net.

Send me all your bitcoins and have a gamble whether or not you get more or less back. It’s a 50/50 split. Even casinos don’t have such amazing odds.


I agree that gambling and bitcoin are interconnected. If only because it is very convenient to make payments not in monetary currency, but in bitcoins. I myself have long been playing on the best casino sites where there is such a possibility of payment. And yes, in gambling you can also use strategies and various tactics.

People seems getting mad here from simple idea that somebody may think it’s all bad about it for whatever reason out there. I do hope that it’s not like that. I do want it way much better anyway. Care to share what it really can be or not ? I do not want to listen it seems.

People have been comparing gambling with all sought of trade, not only forex. But I don’t think so.

I think you are in the wrong place.

Why shouldn’t we do gambling with cryptocurrency? I feel like trading in general is a type of gambling. I personally prefer ethereum as my currency of choice and honestly there are a few good places to gamble with this specific cryptocurrency. I have been playing an ethereum lottery in an online ethereum casino, which allows me win a lot more money. The numbers over there are not randomly generated so you actually have a chance to get the jackpot.

I think its better to discuss about what more positive and advantageous can we explore in cryptos, leaving aside this gambling and all.

I don’t actually catch what you mean. If you’re looking for gambling website, then, as it was already said above, that’s wrong community, don’t waste the time. If you mean that bitcoin is gambling, then you aren’t right. Bitcoin is financial market and you should make decisions to earn money, that’s like with any other asset.