Bitcoin halving 2024 — Done and dusted!

Billionaire investor Tim Draper believes that the halving is going to help push Bitcoin’s price up to “$250,000 or more”

I hope it will reach the projected $250,000 mark. :crossed_fingers:

Oh wow. :smiley: Haha. It just goes higher and higher. When do you think this will happen? :smiley:

ikr! I really don’t know, it’s anyone’s speculation. Some say it could happen in the next couple of years, especially with the halving hype. In the world of crypto, anything’s possible. :sweat_smile:

AMEN Hahaha. :sweat_smile: Originally, I was actually gonna say that hmmm. “Maybe this is a little too much.” But I realized that anything can happen when it comes to crypto. :sweat_smile:

Do I have plans for when it gets there. If only this whole ETF didn’t create all these speculations, there wouldn’t have been so much stress about it.

Now that’s it’s done, what’s the thinking about Bitcoin price? Up only?