Bitcoin halving

The previous halving events contributed to the rise in Bitcoin prices, but this trend cannot be directly applied to future halving events.

Just as the slight reduction in Ethereum issuance after its merger did not lead to a price increase in the following months (since then, the Ethereum/Bitcoin ratio has decreased by over 30%), the reduction in Bitcoin issuance after this halving is not guaranteed to have a positive impact on its price. While reducing selling pressure by decreasing block rewards may provide some bullish support for Bitcoin prices, the impact of this halving is expected to be significantly weaker compared to previous events. Therefore, there should be no surprise if the anticipated pattern of price appreciation following Bitcoin halving does not materialize.

I disagree with the pessimistic view on Bitcoin halving. I think the halving events are still very important for Bitcoin’s long-term value proposition, as they increase its scarcity and reduce its inflation rate. The halving events also generate a lot of media attention and public interest, which can boost the demand for Bitcoin. I believe that Bitcoin halving is a positive catalyst for its price, and that we will see a new all-time high in the next year.

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So much of crypto prices are based on events and public interest. CT and bitcoin maxis have been screaming at the top of there lungs about this. The fact that it’s also happening the same year as an election, in and around bitcoin and possibly ethereum ETF approvals, it’s anyone’s guess. But I’m leaning in the same direction as @drommyut!