Bitcoin is making a U-turn

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The trend is clearly down.

In your video, a lower high and lower low has been made. And looks like any rally will be sold.

Wouldn’t a short trade be better?

It really isn’t…

A minor bullish turn maybe for a few days, that’s it. The major trend is still bearish, in my opinion.

It’s clearly in a bearish trend. Price is below all three major SMAs: 50, 100, and 200 on the daily.

Even worse, that price is below both the 50 and 200 on the weekly chart.

After touching 25,000, it’s making hower highs and lower lows.

Falling to 18,000 seems higher probability than returning to 25,000.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this falls to 15,000.

@BulletproofTraders If you’re not going to reply to this thread, then you’re just spamming the forums with your videos.

Agreed. however, this can easily lead to 2k points

I feel that the short term cycle sets the tone right now and could lead to a couple of thousands points towards the area of 23,500. Having said that, a break below 19,884 will force me to change conviction and flip over.

I believe a break below the $20,000 mark will lead to another sell panic and could drive the Bitcoin all the way to $6000

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It’s now below 20,000. You still long?

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It’s trading at $20,200 right now. I’m still long. Actually expended my bullishness to the ripple as well