Bitcoin is set for a major downside move

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Nothing is certain in the times we live in. :frowning:


Especially when it comes to bitcoin.

its a fine line really , there is nothing which is certain. may be the price will decrease more and more . its not good sounds. hope this situation will change

The hype over the Crypto market during 2017 was fake and did nor reflect real value. Inception levels (percentage of users amongst general population) are still very low and are equivalent to the inception level the internet had back at 1994.

The only difference between the two is that during 1994 (6 years before the burst of the tech bubble) the dot com industry was trading 10 times cheaper than what the Crypto market was trading at during late 2017.

That is probably the best explenation for this over extended bear market that we are witnessing for more than 2 years now.

I am so far not a crypto trader, but I think if bitcoin went down now with the other financials, it will move down further if the situation keeps on falling, and the thesis, that bitcoin could be something like a safety currency in times of turmoil, will be proven definitely wrong.

That is correct. We believe sthat seems to be the case…