Bitcoin - Last Push Up!

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Today I decided to bring you my Bitcoin analysis. First as you can clearly see Bitcoin is bullish on 4 hour timeframe. Why do I think this won’t last long? Why this will be the last move before a major correction?
First - on a daily chart, we enter a bearish order block between 29900$ and 31800$. Second - down we have a lot of unhitched liquidations and as most of you know the market is driven by liquidations. Third - when we have a trend reversal(daily chart) the smart money enters enter in the direction of the previous Trend by closing their shorts at a higher bottom (when turns from bearish to bullish). Only then the price can continue for higher values.
When do I expect the drop to start and where are my targets?
I expect the fall to start sharply from April 20th (+ - 1-2 days). My first target on 4 hour charts is 26300,where the stop of bulls are placed. There are most likely many people waiting to buy with limit orders which will cause the price to bounce of that level. Where is my daily target? 16500$. This may seem very far away. Just Stand and Watch!!!Good luck!

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i can readily follow the logic of this part, but what makes you think the fall will start sharply from about 20th April?

I’ll keep it a secret for now. It’s nothing complicated like some complicated combinations and numbers. I’m just following the logic of really rich people

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You see? It began!

If someone doesn’t understand something I will gladly explain to him
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i already tried that, but the answer was …

absolutely no offense meant at all, but you can perhaps see that that, combined with your trademarked username, made me think you’re probably someone with tutorials or training to promote, and that you’re here mostly to try to attract the forum’s members to a youtube channel, or something like that, where you actually promote the sales

again, no offense intended, and apologies if i’m mistaken, but i think you’ll immediately see that that’s how it looks?

many thanks - you also! :slight_smile:

I understood well.You look at people’s names and pictures, not what they write. Everyone has their own way…
I hope you at least made it into those shorts

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many real proprietiary trading companies are; funding companies masquerading as prop-shops are actually not (as they openly admit)

far higher, for many reasons that go way beyond regulation - no comparison at all :slight_smile: