@Bitcoin market analysis

It is a misconception that Bitcoin cannot be used as a currency because it has soared and plummeted. The skyrocketing rise and fall is the result of using the US dollar and other legal currencies. Bitcoin itself does not need to be denominated in other currencies. Bitcoin does not have a regulatory agency similar to the Federal Reserve, and does not need to adjust supply at all, that is, it does not need current monetary policy. It is a commodity pricing tool, it doesn’t matter how much, or the supply is always appropriate. Money no longer has an effect on actual welfare. This is the real currency, the world currency, the best currency. Mankind has been taking a detour on the currency issue for too long.

I would argue it cannot be used as a currency as the network is far too inefficient. There are plenty of alternatives that allow for faster transactions that are just as secure or better.

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I think in the near future, Bitcoin will be recognized by the world, but there are many differences now, and the main issue still involves many security issues.