Bitcoin May Reach $13 Trillion

David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, recently shared his perspective on X, suggesting that Bitcoin is poised to reach parity with gold within the next six years, with a valuation of $13 trillion.

Bailey’s perspective offers an optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s future trajectory. If Bitcoin does indeed achieve parity with gold, or even surpasses it as Bailey suggests, it would mark a monumental milestone in the evolution of the cryptocurrency market. Such a development would likely attract even more attention and investment into the digital asset space, further solidifying Bitcoin’s position as a viable alternative to traditional stores of value. :partying_face:

Some nice moves in the last what 36 hours? Broke $70K in the blink of an eye. Pretty cool!

What do you think? Where will we be at the end of the year?

ETH moved like 20% too! Probably what helped bitcoin move.