Bitcoin price action in 2021 so far mirrors 2017 ā€” Will it continue?

Bitcoin is in full bull run mode according to trading analysts, as on-chain indicators look promising, but the rest of 2021 could be full of surprises.

Do you think the rally this time will be the same? I hope so but I feel like the price will be a deterrent for people to get in. I thought $19-20k was too high in 2017.

Not sure how this article comes up with calling 2017 a mirror of 2021, the charts are very different and what is driving the price higher is very different as well, My own price prediction made early in the year was 80K, I am still feeling good about that. I would love to see 100K but if it takes until next year I am fine with that as I am in this for the long haul

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Yes it will continue ā€¦ until it does not. I am with @Dennis3450 on this one. Iā€™d like to think that I will decide once and for all on a risk mitigation plan that I am comfortable with but at the end of the day, for a long time our investments have been in the order of decades, and our recent foray into crypto currencies are not intended for any shorter timeframe.

We are mixing trading and investment here, but I think that is a good thing for many of us. For too long I have considered trading in isolation from investment - now I think of them as two arms of the same body.

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