Bitcoin price to soar above 8k by the end of the year?

with the recent dip (in all markets) and bitcoin doing its thing…what do you think? Will we see btc ‘go back to normal’ by the end of 2020?

Bro, I’m not a big fan of bitcoin at all. I would leave it and let it die. It’s so manipulated, it’s not a safe haven, its nothing. Let these die hard fans keep bigging it up bit dont waste your money on it.

i understand your concern but tbh i made some money on the drip from hodling and am continuing profits with margin trading too. but yes i agree it is one to be approached with caution. do you just trade fx?

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Yeah i day trade forex and have a long term stocks and shares isa. So add to it during times like these when market is dropping but I’m selling on day trading.

I agree its risky no doubt, but exciting too if one is cautious.