Bitcoin shorting

Dear Fellas,
Yesterday’s call on NZD/USD hit STLP but again bought @.6550 and closed @ .6585 . So trend is still Intact for .70xx please one position is still open on NZD/USD.

Today Shorting BITCON @9142.60 as bias is down trend so shorted it with small Qty as this is my first BTC trade .

guyz, Seems its turning up keep eye and cautious . Primary trend is still downward to side ways .

oh, omg… :upside_down_face: 35000

Yea, hopefully he got out!

I hope people shorted at 40k!

I don’t know what’s happening with the prices of Bitcoin. Who is to know where it goes by the end of this year.

Everything that goes up must then come down. :man_shrugging:

For sure but probably not anytime soon…BTC has hit $61k over the weekend :boom:.

It’s back to 55k. But I do wonder how high it will rally over the next few weeks.

I personally think that bitcoin is a great investment. I know that there are many people who trade bitcoin but for me, bitcoin is a good option to make long-term investments. I trade forex for short-term gains and don’t find it that much suitable for long-term investments.

To each their own. The important thing is to profit. :smiley: