Bitcoin Weakness, One More Sell-Off?

Let’s face it, the volume isn’t there. Retail buyers are broke, many die-hard crypto fans have been destroyed and the LUNA and FTX melt-downs absolutely killed sentiment and damaged the industry beyond any short-term repair.

Hash-rate is falling miners are going broke and bankrupt and retail credit card debt is at an all-time high.

I was looking for a pre-Christmas bull-trap, but we couldn’t get the volume on the FOMC news of slowing tapering, nothing will do it now.

Big volume void between here and $10K…

Looking for that $9k-$10K entry to at least sell the bounce and be gone…

Wow, $10K takes us back to 2020 levels. If you didn’t like Bitcoin at $10k then, I wonder if you’d like it today, with the markets all crazy.

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As I see, most of the traders are expecting more discount price for BTC; but technically I’m bullish on Bitcoin right now! Expecting more than 20K price within next 1-2 months!

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i hope very son Bull market will start very soon , 15500 BTc was the bottom according to me.

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So far you’re right! But the next move done could be to the next low, around 10k I think!

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