Bitcoin's $50K resistance to become support in Q4

BTC price surged toward $55,000 on Wednesday even as traditional risk assets such as stocks tumbled and the dollar rose.

Sadly, I haven’t been buying. :sweat_smile: I’ve stopped with my weekly buy. :sweat_smile:

We’re finally here in just 2 months…

Really hard to tell as the whales will want to take profits at some point and then when they do will look to buy in again cheeper than retail expect. I’m still expecting the BIG sell off at some point.

Around what price are you looking at as a sell off point?

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They will look to take stops out so we may see it nudge the ATH and then drop. If we see no reaction at $59.7K then I expect the ATH to go. We may then see a drop to the $45k-$47k range.

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Getting there sooner rather than later .
A selloff before New ATH as you point out is the likely scenario

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Closing in on $62k!

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Let’s go baby

You think so? Looking to blast on up rn

I’m holding bro

Calls for $235-315k top if we break the ATH. Then a historic dump.

Your thoughts?

I think many existing and new spot traders will hear the news next week of an approved futures ETF, not knowing what a futures ETF actually means as far as BTC custody. But that won’t matter because they’ll buy in anyway not knowing the difference.

I wonder, however, what happens if there isn’t positive news on the ETF.