Bitcoin's recent price surge

With Bitcoin’s recent price surge, what’s driving the momentum in the crypto market today?
It appears to be driven by a combination of factors including institutional investor inflows into spot BTC ETFs, an all-time high market capitalization for Bitcoin, and increasing investor interest.
What do you think?

Yeah. :open_mouth: I’ve reed in an article from The Guardian that the approval of ETFs played a big part in the surge of BTC price. :thinking:

Yes, the media is great at telling you what was the reason AFTER the event, as always. Just look at what they were saying in the first week of the ETF approvals, where BTC dumped before it grew. All doom and gloom - telling us reasons why it dropped. If they knew anything more than the rest of us, they would not have a media job. they would be on their Caribbean island laughing at the plebs like us.

When you are satisfied if your investments return you 10% per year, and then do something really useful with the money when they return 100% per year (like invest in a business), you will sleep very well at night.

I imagine the dump, and all future dumps, will be either whales dumping in a coordinated fashion, or future market open interest flushes. When open interests leans to far in either direction, the market has a way of maximizing pain for all parties involved.

Yes, which makes it easier for them to invest. Bitcoin’s market cap has hit a record high, which is turning heads and drawing even more attention. And let’s not forget the growing interest from regular folks who just want to get in on the action.