Blow off steam from today trade bgp/jpy

I could have made a huge profit today if i don’t use stop loss. the stop-loss didn’t even help during the news because of slippage instead of profit and end up wiht a loss. sorry just want to vent out.


blowing off steam does sometimes have some benefits!

i hear you, and i sympathise

i think many (perhaps even most) of us have been there, at some point - i certainly have

it’s easy to get the overall direction right and still lose a lot, from the exact problem you mentioned, among others

these are just the times that spreads are huge and brokers sometimes can’t honour stop-losses, too

a funding company (one of the few that allows news trading) who have had tens of thousands of people taking their evaluation recently commented publicly that MOST of their traders who have a successful outcome to trading news the first time they do it, actually lose their accounts the second time they try it

sobering thought …

expensive lesson today. I usually dont do stop-loss unless I made my profit goal and anything after just a bonus

No need to apologize! :blush: I actually kinda think it’s nice that you don’t mind talking to us about something like this. A lot of people tend to just hide their losses (including me sometimes :sweat_smile: ) It’s a learning opportunity and I’m sure you’ll get better results next time! :blush: