Can somebody tell me their experience with this Broker, are they legit, what about transaction (deposit,withdrawel) etc

No experience directly, but I’ll get you started.

Search for EIGHTCAP PTY LTD. That’s the company name they list on their website. Used to be called ROCO INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD.

Registered since 2009, so that’s good. Over 10 years in business.

Somtimes the business registrations will yield you other company information you can search the Internet for, especially when a company with a bad reputation closes shop and just rebrands.itself.

You’ll still want to look for feedback from actual clients.

Hi…have just joined up and using a DEMO account…their communications are good…have checked all the regulations and they are OK …seem credible . Have set up a live account but will hold off live trading for a few weeks…

Here is a review you may find useful