any one knows about this propitiatory trading firm

YEAH . it seems to be a company based in france that has a contact form on their front page to funnel people into the system and take your name and email along the way

doesn’t look too healthy in my opinion.


They are an introducing broker, you may as well go direct to a broker yourself

well… that explains the contact form then.

They’re a well known “prop-shop”, Eddie (proprietary trading company) - one with a very reasonable reputation, in the industry, for what that’s worth.

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Their own website describes them as an introductory broker, that’s why I’ve said the same.
What benefit is there to the OP in going thru them rather than direct?

Nearly all prop-shops are (strictly speaking) introducing brokers as well.

It’s how they make some/part/most of their living, and they’re obliged to state that they are.

No disrespect at all, Eddie, but I think you may possibly have missed the point, on this occasion. The OP is asking about them as a prop-shop (it’s right there in his question).

They’re not a terrible one, given that most prop-shops are pretty scammy.

As is true of any prop-shop, the potential advantages of using them are (i) financial backing and (ii) education.

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thank you all for the replies

my main concern is are they legit can i trust them

So you know them are they trustworthy ? I mean is this company legit

Thanks Charlie, I personally would prefer going direct but each to their own

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they let you trade thru other brokers on a demo account and they have a system to copy your trades to their real account
the catch is that you make money per pips you makes,

my main concern are they real and not scam

They’re certainly long established, and don’t have a dreadful reputation in the industry, Ataw.

Are you considering using them “remotely” (i.e. online), and have you looked around at the others potentially available?

Do you have much risk capital of your own?

If it helps, I can make 2 suggestions.

  1. Read ALL the terms of service very, very carefully indeed before signing anything (this is a kind of “standard warning”, when joining a prop-shop!)

  2. If you want financial backing for remote trading, have a look too at a company called TopStepTrader, who are definitely honest, ethical and reliable. You don’t have to put up any of your own risk capital with TST, but you do (understandably!) have to demonstrate to them that you can trade safely, first, on one of their demos, and they do charge a small fee for that.


Me too.

But for people with trading skills and without any capital, prop-shops are about the only practical way forward (unless you have a couple of maths degrees from Oxford and enough industry contacts to land a trainee position, and these days even that isn’t easy).

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the catch is that you make money per pips you make. they don’t provide you with real capital instead with demo account and their system copy your trades to their real accounts for the first three months you have to make at least 300 pips per month then you are recruited. and you can make as much pips as you want according to them there are no limits and the value of each pip can go to 16$ f you choose the higher enrollment package.

I noticed that their url dont have the green secure label like all legit websites have so im being little suspicious but i v get some positive comments here which is right now my only source to build an idea about them right now

between TST and BPT trading i prefer the latter program however if i decide not to choose BPT TST is definitely on top list

Yes, that’s their business model.

I’ve never known anyone who’s got that far with them, myself.

I see. I didn’t know that. And don’t really know whether it’s significant.

They’re a real company, though - they’ve been around for ages.

All my information about all these places is second-hand, so I can’t help much, really.

Like many people with an interest in these things, I have a high opinion of TST and can assure you that they’re “the real deal”, though.


Many other legit, less stressful companies exist. I know a company that gives up to $50,000 for trading. You either a monthly fee to trade it or you prove yourself with your trading strategy and the monthly payment is lifted.