Blue Point Trading - NATO Expansion, NWO Moves Closer to War?

NATO Expansion, NWO Moves Closer to War? President Obama strolls the grounds of iconic Stonehenge, in a surprise tourist visit after his, what some people called, a highly successful NATO trip to Europe this past week. Prior to Obama’s trip, the Ukraine and ISIS crises have been dominating geopolitical news. Many accused Obama of weak fumbling non-action.

This weekend all has changed, as Obama laid out a historic NATO agreement, that some have said is the most important in decades. Obama, outlined this agreement in a speech he gave at the end of the NATO summit in Newport, Wales – click here. The results? Putin blinked, and a shaky ceasefire is in place in Ukraine for the moment, something that has been elusive for months now. Secondarily, Obama convinced NATO members to join the US to confront the growing ISIS threat. And not just in words but also in material support. But when I listened to Obama’s speech, my ears begin to tingle when he made remarks on NATO expansion, that got little coverage in MSM.

First off, all 28 NATO nations have pledged to increase their investments in defense and to move toward investing two percent of their GDP in collective security. The war machine is growing, globally. Secondarily the NATO membership could be growing. Though it maybe a ways off, countries such as; Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Georgia, have already expressed interests in joining NATO. President Obama even mentioned specifically Georgia, Moldova, Jordan and Libya as potential immediate NATO affiliates. But the list does not stop there – click here. Requiring a change in article 10 of the NATO agreement, NATO could go global with countries like Mexico, Australia, and even India. With a list like this, what would it be like for a country outside of the NATO New World Order (NWO)? Can Russia and China sit back and watch this grow?

A NATO NWO idea is not just military. In order to support this military infrastructure one will need centralized financial systems and a global network of corporations to produce this military infrastructure. We are all witnessing the rise of the corporate state and how it is corrupting the democracies of the world. At street level the murmurings of the people grow, as these corporate engines grind people further into the ground with wealth inequality, via all their financial schemes. Those who resist will feel the boot on your neck of a highly globalized military police. With a global NATO NWO, we are already seeing that the greatest danger is from domestic terrorism from within, rather from without.

Under article five of the NATO agreement, an attack on one is an attack on all. The question then becomes, just what is an attack? Terrorism is an attack (i.e. ISIS), but should it provoke article five of the NATO agreement? Yes ISIS is brutal and needs to be dealt with, but after seeing the mess the Western countries have put these people in, I am left wondering if we are not part of the problem. Was it not really about Oil and the subsequent financial oppression of the local people by puppet dictators to get this Oil? Are there no legitimate concerns here? Is a legitimate protestor a terrorist? Remember OWS and how they were classified as potential terrorists? With a world a washed in military infrastructure, it will be just itching to be used, after all it’s big business now.

Many will welcome the expanding NATO NWO, as a centralized global peace maker and providing economic prosperity, protecting us all from the bad people. For certain some of this will happen for the good. But there is one principle that I believe in when I see this concentration of power, even when it starts out as, “for the good of the people.” My ears are tingling and should tingle yours as well: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yes, perhaps with NATO expansion, the world is moving closer, not farther from war. For the impact to the markets we trade, this could become a growing factor we will need to navigate.

Blue Point Trading, William Thompson