Bollinger Band and Keltner Channels

Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone out there has tried to use both Bollinger Band and Keltner Channels? Are both indicators for volatility? Which indicator is more reliable? Do you use them for entry? Thanks!

I can recommend you to go and visit and there you can find everything you need about technical indicators.

I am a big fan of Billinger Bands and I find that indicator very helpful, but I haven’t even heard of Keltner Channels. Huh, you learn something new every day.

Usually,Bollinger Band are recommended to be used only as reference points of movement of the price for arrangement take-profits, they are seldomly used as a signal for an input in a line item. Anyway, before the use of bands of Bollinger, I would recommend to evaluate a market phase by means of other indicators before considering this one.
Bollinger Band is usually easy to read, for instance, The sharp changes in price usually happen after the narrow banding corresponding to lowering of volatility.
The movement of the prices which started from one of boundaries of a band, usually reaches the opposite boundary.