Bollinger Band and Parabolic Sar EA Needed to Test

Hello All,

I am looking for a EA to run an alarm as well as automatically Buy and Sell at a created user setting of two indicators, Parabolic Sars and the Bollinger bands on a M30, H1, and/or H4 window. A buy signal alarm and automatic transaction would take place when the very 1st Parabolic Sars dot appears below the lower Bollinger band. Creating a open setting for my stop loss and total profit as well as lot size to be versatile, would be needed as this would be an automatic system to enter and exit the market. This is so I do not have to continue to watch the computer. This system would only open a new order when the existing previous order (if any) has been closed because of the great possibility of continued Parabolic Sars indications which may still lie beneath the lower Bollinger band. The opening order will have the default settings for SL, TP which I can adjust if needed and a if profit from the previous order was made, I would like to see it rolled over to the next. I would want to be able to switch this on and off manually.

If anyone already has an EA similar that needs modification to suite the above criteria, I would be open to test. Please help.


Read your post requesting an EA built on these 2 indicators. Have you had any success in getting one?

I am currently watching with a variation of this. I am using Tom M Bollinger Bands Histogram.mq4 with the parabolic. Results are very interesting on the 5 min chart.