Bollinger Bands + Moving Average (BBMA Oma Ally) - Forex Trading Technique

This strategy using BB and MA

BBMA Oma Ally Trading Technique
I’m just sharing this Forex Technique that helping me making positive result.

In BBMA, BB (Bollinger Bands) act as Dynamic Support and Resistance.

Period : 20
Deviations : 2
Shift : 0
Apply to : Close
Style : Dodge Blue


MA (Moving Average) are used to detect potential entry point.


Ma5 Hi
Period : 5
Ma Method : Linear Weighted
Apply to : High
Style : Red

Ma10 Hi
Period : 10
Ma Method : Linear Weighted
Apply to : High
Style : Yellow

Ma5 Low
Period : 5
Ma Method : Linear Weighted
Apply to : Low
Style : Magenta

Ma10 Low
Period : 10
Ma Method : Linear Weighted
Apply to : Low
Style : White

Period : 50
Ma Method : Exponential
Apply to : Close
Style : Lime


Extrem is an early signal to say the Market journey is beginning to end - but not yet confirmed
Will only confirm when there is a reversal candle.
Extrem is not valid when there is a CS momentum, although Ma outside BB.

Ma out of Top / Low BB (will not valid if there is cs momentum, although Ma is outside BB)
Reverse candle must exist, as it indicates the journey of a Market is ending (not necessarily 1 or 2 cs)
Retest candle (entry point)
Entry at Highest or Lowest volume
Entry retest candle at Ma5 or body candle


It is a setup for the beginning of long distance Market journey
This setup gives a validation for the Extrem signal earlier
It is to show the loss of strength for the market.
MHV is valid once CSA (direction candle) appear
***If the candle close NOT above or below Top / Low BB after the first Reentry, after MHV there is a directional candlestick, then there will be a reentry and after the reentry there is no momentum “COMPULSORY TP”

Candle CANNOT close above or below Top / Low BB
Must have reverse candle, because reverse candle is confirming the end of the journey (Marking at candle body)
Retest candle (entry point) at Ma5 or highest volume / lowest at that current time
Must happen after Extrem

5 types but i can only post 1 photo. So sorry i cant give more on this.



Candle close can not pass Ma5 / Ma10
It will be strong when the candle close does not pass Ma5 / Ma10 and also Mid BB
Candle close did not come in. He found Ma5 / Ma10 and mid BB at that Time would make the re-entry stronger
If there is a re-entry in Ma5 / Ma10 and mid BB, the minimum of 3 drops of candles or increments (follow TF) re-entry will be strong
Following market trend, then just search for re-entry and entry
Wait for the second candle, because the first candle validates the reentry and the second candle is for entry



Please explain -

Why do Bollinger Bands Act as dynamic support / Resistance ? :confused:

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Bollinger Bands based on candle movements Open High Low Closed.
The nature of BB itself is Dynamic Support and Resistance


But BB are a mathamatic formula based on past price movement. How does it have a nature


The calculation of past candles Open High Low Closed becoming point of BB at every new candles. This is the basic mathematical formula for BB.

Nature that im talking about is related to Dynamic Support and Resistance created by BB following the past market / candlestick movement. Calculation of every new candles itself always changes, hence the dynamic movement created in BB. This is what known as Dynamic Support and Resistance in BBMA. Top BB and Low BB.


Hi @zilla.invest, it’s obvious that english isn’t you first language, use act in place of nature

“The Bollinger Band indicator has the ability to act as dynamic support and resistance levels.”

“They understood what you were trying to say…”


English is not my first language. :grin:
Im sure you can see my effort trying to explain.
However, thank you for trying to understand what im trying to say.


I’ll rephrase my question - What is it about “Bollinger bands” which makes them act as dynamic support and resistance ?

I’m simply trying to understand the value of your system.

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I will keep improving my posting ya.
I was using my friend notes just now, i just refresh with my own note.
To complete the study of BBMA almost 75 pages.
I am trying to compressed as much as i can.

I apologise with my bad English in advance.
Please dont judge me based on my grammar.
I am trying my best to deliver my understanding about BBMA Trading Technique.


Ok - you don’t know then - well I’ll leave it there, except to say that (without doing the maths) - I believe it is mathematically impossible for the 5 / 10 MAs to cross the std 2 SD Bollinger bands. It would certainly be an unsusual occurrence.

My question had nothing to do with your English, I constantly am amazed how good the English of many of our overseas contributors is.

Yes Bollinger bands do have some validity in trading,

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I might not be able to answer this in an academic or technical manner.
I’m just a normal worker that uses this technique to earn some income. Never been into any financial technical analyst courses or sort. I will answer based from my understanding since this was introduced since 2008.

Candlestick cant go out of BB, either Top or Low BB. This is our basic BBMA understanding.
If candlestick come out and create Momentum situation / movement, it will still have to go back inside.

Based on this understanding, BB act as Support and Resistance in BBMA Trading Technique.

I need to ask the BBMA founder for the technical reason behind.
Yes, for myself to answer mathematical reason behind this - I dont know.


Sorry about all this misunderstanding.

Few thing i wasn’t aware about all the concern that arrived due to my posting.
No intention to sell. Purely want to share.

I will keep my posting basic and remove all the concerning part.

You cannot find BBMA Webinar or Online Course because it does not exist.
No intention to sell. Just sharing how i make profit in Forex using this method.


And I did. Hope the robot overlords do to. People also check out the thread at FF. Reckon we’re going to see some new members soon and then this won’t end well

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I very much agree.

I’ve already reported the thread to the robot elders, with a little bit of background information about how these people promote their “basic system” in trading forums as a promotion for selling the “advanced one” (i.e. they’re vendors and marketers), so we’ll see what effect it has.


This technique is for FREE. No hidden agenda.
I am happy to assist you with all the technical question, i will get the answer from the owner of the technique. He is not very fluent in english, i will translate.


This is our analysis for GU using BBMA Oma Ally - 19/2/2018


This is our analysis for EU using BBMA Oma Ally - 19/2/2018

I know that BBMA is very popular in South East Asia, and I know some people that are making good money with this system, but unfortunately most of the information is in Malay language, any source of information in English?


How can I get more information, I really like this strat, and how it draws out my T/p @Zilla.A

Forget about it. It’s a scam. If the person was or were that of professional, why would they choose to teach? I know a handful of Wallstreets amigos who would not even teach their proprietary system out in the public knowing the backlash of criticism from the public and that it would not have sustained their lifestyle. So, think about it? If a system manages to produce a 50% winning ratio, charlatans would have a great time selling it. What if you lose money? They’ll probably give you reasons as such “The market has its upswing or downswing moment”. Keep believing in that, and you’ll continuously get sucked into the MLM scheme within the FX industry.