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I’ve just ordered a couple of Al Brooks books, Trading Price Action Trends, Trading Price Action Trading ranges and Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar. What other books or reources do you recommend for building a foundational knowledge? I think could use a book for technical analysis so I got that covered. But maybe the Reading Price Charts book by Al Brooks covers that…


That one is badly written, not professionally edited, and really terribly difficult to read.

His other 3 books are all great.

I also recommend both the Bob Volman books.


Do you suggest not ordering it? It seemed like a good book for technical analysis, but your “review” is a bit off putting :wink:

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Butting in, again, here - :blush:

Yes! If you can change your order, don’t buy the first one (“Bar By Bar”). Al is widely quoted as saying (and not entirely jokingly) that he had to write the other three books to apologize for that first one!

Maybe replace the first one, if you can, with Michael Harris: Profitability and Systematic Trading: A Quantitative Approach to Profitability, Risk, and Money Management, Wiley Trading. Any and every trader who wants to be steadily profitable needs to understand what’s in there (though not necessarily from this specific book, other similar books are available, and maybe even “more easily available” these days, sorry if I’m old-fashioned, but have a look at the online reviews and contents and you’ll see what I mean).

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I already changed the order and bought the 2 Bob Volman books. But will order this when I’ve gone through the other books :slight_smile:

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Good, well done, there.

By the way, don’t be at all concerned that Brooks is writing about futures and Volman about forex. Almost everything that both authors say applies equally to both (and to different/slower timeframes, too).


Helloooo! :blush: I think it’s great your checking out different resources to learn more about forex. :smiley: Here’s a list of trading books that you might also want to check out. :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestions🙏


Try Alex Elder. He is a psychiatrist and trader.

thanks for the share :slight_smile:

babypips also nice website to learn Technical analysis so not read anather books and also read all the best articles regarding all the topics

Can you share some articles you’ve found especially helpful for improving your understanding of technical analysis?

I’ve ordered some books from Al Brooks and Bob Volman on price action. Other than that I’ve been watching some of Karen Foo’s videos on YouTube. I find it difficult to find good stuff on internet.