Books For Traders


As an aspiring professional trader, I believe in sharpening the skills daily to thrive in the markets. There are threads here on the forums where many traders recommend books. However, I am only seeking for the recommendation which you have already read.

Please recommend me some books which you have already finished reading or almost going to finish it reading. Please do say if you do like to read any trading book again.

Thank you.

This is the blible for systematic trading.

Thank you very much @CavaliereVerde. I’m looking into this. With what issues did this book help you? What overall improvements did you find in your trading style and thinking?

It introduces concepts like:

  • significance
  • robustness
  • overfitting

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison - I learned about Japanese candlesticks from it and I’ve been using that trading approach ever since.

I’m looking for a used copy of the book now. I look forward to reading the concepts, you benefited yourself, in-depth.

Thank you very much @mlawson71.

The book is in queue already. I believe it’ll help me to learn crest-n-troughs of the charts.

This one is seriously one of the best books that we have. Must read!

Jelle Peters – Forex For Ambitious Beginners: A Guide To Successful Currency Trading.

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I had no heard of that one, I will check it out!

Surely! It’s a good book.

I have also heard about this book but never got a chance to read it. Have made up my mind to read this book now. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure!