Books on forex trading....which ONE IYO is the best for a BIG NEWB

So…if you were going to buy one book to read…memorize as if it were scripture…which one would it be…

I promise to distribute generous gifts if your ideas make me good at this…ok…not really, but really, which one should I get?

[B]There are as many books about trading as there are books about women.[/B]

Firstly you have to decide whether you are a fundamental analysis trader or a technical analysis trader.

For technical analysis you have the option of naked chart trading, indicator trading, candlestick trading, chart pattern trading - even a combination of these.

[U]Books are expensive [/U]so you need to know where you want to go.

[B]One book that is basically a Bible standard for every user is “Technical Analysis from A to Z” by Steven B Achelis.[/B]

This excellent book has an introduction that looks at trading in general, then covers in absolute detail every major trading indicator that you are ever likely to need.

It is a dictionary for traders.

It was the 1st book I ever purchased (a trading expert recommended it to me at a trading expo) when I was absolutely new to trading.
I have made very extensive use of it.

Hey , just google , “Technical Analysis from A to Z” and the 1st result will be the ebook. :slight_smile: