Boring, Boring, Boring, then.... POW!

I’ve recently decided to retire early from the US to one of my favorite countries, Costa Rica. But at 53, not yet ready to just hang out scuba diving in the Caribbean all day long (and a few night dives here and there).

I’ve always wanted to delve into Forex after dating a girl a few years ago that was a full time trader. So I thought this may be a good diversion. So I started Googgling and came upon page after page of information. Unfortunately all those pages put me to sleep after a few paragraphs. Then, POW! I found this site and it’s school! What an amazing resource! I’ve just finished Pre-school and can’t wait to jump into kid’s garden and beyond. I’m SOOOO happy I didn’t do what I usually do with most things and jump in feet first and start trading live. I now realize the best course would be to graduate here then take a demo account and when (if?) I start making a bunch, THEN I’ll go live.

Thank you Babypips for having this awesome resource!


Sounds like a good plan. Welcome to the forum.