Boris Johnson just spoke and got me naked!

So… I was suprised by the big move the cable just made. So I start looking what df just happend! Seems like Boris Johnson just spoke and said something about screw the Brexit deal.

There was no announcement on this speech in any economic calendar; not even BabyPips! However I have found news like this one:

Where 3 hours ago they are saying that Johnson is speaking today and deciding what to do with the Brexit Deal.

Are economic calendars incomplete? How do you guys keep updated on this type of stuff??

Well done Boris - much respect for showing some balls!!


Do not solely rely on economic calendars for new, but rather look into other sectors such as politics and weather. This is an example of unforeseen events that can screw your trades up.
I kind of find this funny because I also got my ass scotched on GBP/JPY. I took a short trade earlier at 136.203 and a stop loss at 136.407 and a target at 135.642 and went away. I just walked in to realize that the market kissed my stop loss and took me out by the spread and suddenly dropped to my “no longer available target”
It is always wise to trade with caution even when there are no news events highlighted in the economic calendar.

My usual trades through my live account is all on the D1 time-frame, on which the movements today by GBP/USD just don’t even show up.

But if I was day-trading, I’d have to scan the BBC News website for any political issues that might affect one of the major currencies. DailyFX has been a help in the past. You have to basically run a file with commentary and notes on each of the major currencies. I have found it really quite a pain.

IMO opinion it’s just ridiculous that in this Brexit times there is no sign of a Boris Johnson speech in any economic calendar. Simply ridiculous.

There is ■■■■ like “Baker Hughes Total Rig Count” Who no one actually Cares or knows wdf is It about. But when this British mophead speaks… no news at all.

Guys… honestly… work on a better economic calendar instead of just copying the releases from some Major site.

You long term/swing traders can save the comments, as you bringing nothing to the table with comments like “this move is not in My charts”. Forex is the most liquid market and it’s suposed to be daily traded. There are other much better and easier markets to operate long term as a retail trader.

There is a serious problem with economic calendars, and Hope that some organization brings a solution.

Lol - should’ve read this on BP

See where i said “PM will make an announcement later”.

That’s the thing about current affairs - always choreographed - politicians never like being red-faced so they have press offices who will save the blushes.

It isn’t going to come to you on a daily morning report. Unless you’re chief trader for an international bank.

If you post here, you’ll get comments. If you post stupid things, you’ll get a lot of comments that you might find painful. If you post requests for information, advice, guidance, you’ll get a lot of free help. The choice is yours. Grow up a bit.


Guess 5.4k posts enable you to decide what are stupid posts.

Bet you are always this helpful. Thanks man! I’ll scan BBC news every morning

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Tbh what @tommor says has a lot of sense - What’s the population of teh world ? 8 BILLION ? - What sense of entitlement gives you the permission to demand that a FREE “News” calendar tells you precisely what any random one of those 8 BILLION might say and EXACTLY at what time ?

LOL. I know how the Baker Hughes Rig Count works and what it means. Love your description of the “mophead”. One could interpret Boris’ “way of doing things” as “peculiarly British”, and for that reason, you can love him and hate him at the same time - but perhaps only if you can appreciate the peculiarly many-sided characteristics of a Brit.

It’s been a long time coming, and EU negotiators comments like “they need the EU more than the EU needs them” obviously invite responses such as “excuse me. I think you are mistaking me for someone who gives a s**t.”

Love it. Stiff upper lip and all that.

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@Falstaff AGAIN:

  1. It’s Brexit Time
  2. Boris Johnson is the Brit Prime Minister, not a random dude from the world
  3. The press conference was schedulled hours ahead

Now don’t care if you agree or not. This MUST be on the economic calendar. If it’s not, then the calendar is a useless piece if crap. Period!

Don’t rely on it then

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Five words @Mondeoman!

Must be a record, surely?

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Aye the calendar is only good for alerting date and time of numbers news - useless for alerting to the changing utterances of politicians that make up current affairs.

Take right now - on Friday past no.10 spokesman said’ the talks are over’. Next day Lord Frost uninvited Barnier re further talks Monday in London, ’ no point in his coming’ he said.

So the talks are over say the politicians - sell Gbp say the experts.

Hmmm… what did UK Government minister Michael Gove say today, ‘is the door closed on the talks?’ asked the journalist - ‘are the chances of a deal now at zero%?’

(Last time he was asked he put it at 66%)

Answer - the door is ‘ajar’ and the chances are ‘less’ (but not zero).

Current affairs and politicians - you have to love 'em :slight_smile:

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