Boxer Manny Pacquiao launches his own cryptocurrency

Why don’t we just all launch our own coins at this point. :woman_facepalming:

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Now launching JaneCoin!!


the value only worth somthing while he is alive…The best thing to short ever in the history of mankind

Anything can happen in this world, literally anything sic

Next best thing to WeWork in terms of shorting. Heh.

@ponponwei I agree with you there…:slight_smile:

Never got we work its not a tech company, anyone can do what they are doing so it’s a real estate company :slight_smile:

i just heard we work have halved their valuation ahead of their IPO…dam there goes the short

45 billion to 20 bollion market value wow

Are the markets turning…smart money know’s 45 billion not possible

Shoo do you think they’re even worth 20B?? But yeah shorting less likely now. I hear Softbank’s putting in more money to delay IPO until next year.

Lol hopefully the nasdaq will still be trading high next year

Considering we work is not even the landlord I find it hard to justify 20 billion dollars. They are some really good companies/bargains who have alot more property and own alot more hard assets then we work

What do you look for in a stock?

Dividends for longer-term, technicals + a bit of fundies for shorter-term. How about you? (I’m pretty new to stock trading also :sweat_smile:)

With stocks I don’t get too technical I do what a hedge fund manager once told my colleague-its very simple 3 step competitor analysis. In fact I think I might upload a video on YouTube summarizing the strategy.

To be honest if you are doing Forex and stocks I would leave the stocks to long-term investing and the Forex to the short term stuff- its best not to stretch yourself thin.

If you ever get confused about of a stock think of the Buffet moat strategy and you do that by asking;

Does the company I am looking to invest in,does it have a moat around it ?

It is easier to explain in video format so I will let you know when its ready :slight_smile:

Have you ever considered holding Berkshire Hathaway ?

I mean, I can only ever afford the B stock haha. Was thinking of it but never got around to doing that. Do you own BRK-A??? :scream:

I used to before it really took off lol :joy:. The B stock still gives decent exposure…If you are based in the US I would recommend Blackstone as it offers exposure to bonds which will diversify your portfolio even so you have FX, stocks, and bonds.

Just a word of caution do to the market cycle I would only recommend quality stocks at this point so stay away from penny stocks :slight_smile:

Ooh thanks for the heads up on Blackstone.

Oh man! At what price did you get it at? That’s crazy!!!

Ah this I never really got into, fortunately or unfortunately.