Brace yourselfs perfect storm us stocks down

If im correct then this is the perfect storm of a catastrophic fall in us stocks

Iv been doing tbe sums as its all maths the euro isnt bracing the aud is to strong it went beind my calculations od
F take profit somethings not right

Im a maths guy i think tonight will b s gfc

Euro should of been a stronger fighter the carry traders are looking else wer not a gd sign tonight when stocks open gonna b down across the board boardering on gfc if my calculations are correct i hope im wrong

You no what i dont think im wrong down us stocks coming up my calculations i hope im wrong cause if im right its really down

I honestly hope im wrong her if im right and stocks are down its not good i pray im wrong if im right its bad perfect storm

Oh deR carry trDers. Are onloadibg on eur usd as i predicted when ut was minus 25 this doesnt look good for hedge funds

Ther is still hope but i doubt it prepare for gfc 2

think nothing of the last big day the usa stocks will plummet

just as i predicted the crash is coming and the eur usd is risig as expected

the eur usd cut rate is the perfect storm as i originally said the big crash is soon

Euro rising as i expected , watch your us pension funds

Yet again stocks crashing and eur usd went threw the roof not looking goof for america