Brand new at Forex

Hi…My name is Renee’
I’m brand new at Forex although I do know just a little something about crypto. I really enjoy cyrpto. I find it so interesting and I do love money so win win. Forex seems to be similar but on a completely different platform. I’m excited to learn about it and maybe begin trading. I’m hoping to find something I enjoy doing from home and that will generate enough income to keep raising my two boys on my own without so much struggle. I made a promise that my boys would have everything and live the same life I planned for them no matter what . Being a single mom will never mean my kids have to settle for less. So here I am ready to take over the Forex world! Let’s go!

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Hi, begin from the education section then practice on demo account, good luck :slight_smile:

Yes good luck , welcome to BP

Hi there. I’ve never traded crypto before. I just bought $100 worrh about a year ago, put it in a wallet and now it’s worrh about $30!!

I trade forex and commodities with much more success cos that’s what I understand.

Any questions just ask!!